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Elder DragonHoarfrost Reach

An elder dragon encased in Ice, Velkhana is the Iceborne Wyvern. it’s said that the monster can freeze all in its path, and according to legend, can control the cold, using freezing breath to conjure massive spires of ice out of thin air.

MR3 Assigned Quest: A Tale of Ice and Fire

MR3A Tale of Ice and FireElder’s RecessVelkhanaComplete this quest to unlock Where the Mist Taketh You

Having defeated all the invading species, it’s time to finally meet the new invader to the mainland, Velkhana. The commission has finally gotten enough tracks to find that the monster is in the Elder’s Recess, let’s go get him.Before you leave the hub, make sure to grab plenty of the following: Max/Mega/Potions, Cool Drink, Iceproof mantle. Before heading into this fight, it is necessary to have new armor at this point. Even the best High Rank armor is not going to help you much.

Heading into the quest, you’ll get a short cutscene with your Handler before being allowed to start. After the cutscene ends, start at the camp near area 2 and then make your way toward Area 8 where you’ll trigger another cutscene introducing you to Velkhana that will lead right into the fight. In this first fight in the Elder’s Recess, make sure to use careful slinger shots to hit the traps of stalactites above Velkhana for some quick damage.Note: this fight is only a part of the Velkhana fight, and is not Velkhana at its full power. He has a set amount of HP that will end the fight with a cutscene once you deplete it. If you’re looking for help with this quest, the only part of the Strategy section that applies to this quest is the section about Velkhana without his Ice armor.

Velkhana Strategy

If you find yourself struggling with this monster, consider crafting or equipping some of the armor, weapons and jewels found below.Note: These weapons an armor are organized based on what quest you’re doing, as the first time you fight Velkhana you don’t have access to the better armor you have access to the second time you go head to head with it.

Ideal Armor PiecesIdeal WeaponsIdeal Decorations
MR3 Assigned Quest: A Tale of Ice and FireBest: Master Rank Legiana Armor (Highest Ice Resistance)Best: Fire or Blast Weapons like Master Rank Rathalos, Glavenus, or BrachydiosIce Resist Jewels, Vitality Jewels, Defense Jewels

Without Ice Armor

With or without armor, Velkhana heavily features nimble and agile use of its tail. It can pinpoint you and stab hard into the ground to your location with its tail, so make sure to dodge as you move around to avoid getting hit by this. He can also do a 180 degree spin that ends in a tail poke If fighting in front of it, it can also rear up into the air briefly, poking its tail underneath it while airborne at your hunter. This move is often unexpected so be cautious of spending too much time battering its face.

The other part of his move set that still applies here is his use of breath attacks. Even not encased in ice, Velkhana can fire a stream of ice from its mouth directly ahead of it that will basically cover the whole field if you are in front of it. So avoid that as well. It can also do its ice breath attack while in the air, covering a line directly in front of him and swinging it around to behind him.

Also be on the look for a massive sweep of its tail it can use as it rises up into the air. This attack is extremely hard to dodge if you are a melee attacker doing damage up close.

In general, try and stay to its side and hit its front and back legs, being careful to avoid any pokes that may come your way.

Velkhana Weakness

This section contains weakness information on the Velkhana

Effective Element(s) (strongest to weakest)Fire(3), Thunder(2), Dragon(2), Water(1)
Effective Ailment(s) (strongest to weakest)Blast(3), Poison(2), Paralysis(1), Sleep(1), Stun(1)
Weak PointsHead (Cut-3, Blunt-3, Ammo-3)Wings (Cut-2, Blunt-2, Ammo-1)Tail (Cut-2, Blunt-2, Ammo 2)
Breaks and SeversHead, Wings, Tail (Severable)

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