Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Viper Tobi-Kadachi Strategy & Weakness


Fanged WyvernHoarfrost Reach

While the standard Tobi-Kadachi focuses on the lightning element, Viper Tobi-Kadachi will attempt to poison and paralyze you with its venom and poisonous tail. Watch out!

MR2 Assigned Quest: Ready to Strike

MR2Ready to StrikeHoarfrostReachViper Tobi-KadachiMR2 Optional Quests, No Time for Naps, Play Both Ends

In the quest, Ready to Strike you’ll be venturing out for your third time on an expedition into the Hoarfrost Reach with your Handler, as well as the Tracker to investigate the migrating Legiana you saw in the first cutscene.Before you leave Seliana, make sure to grab plenty of the following: Herbal Medicine/Antidote, Hot Drink. Before heading into this fight, it is also strongly recommended that you start to craft some Master Rank armor if you haven’t already.

As you enter into the Expedition, follow the Handler and Tracker as them make their way through area 5. The Tracker states she’ll be working on her own investigation, leaving the Legiana to you before making her own way.

Follow the Handler as she looks for Legiana tracks in the snow. You’ll hit a dead end but not to worry, the Handler will still lead the way. Eventually you’ll run into a Tundra First Wyverian that speaks in some cryptic language about heading “below.” Follow the Handler and your scout flies down into the deep cavern underground. As you head into Area 10, you’ll be met with a cutscene where you find the Tracker, and are introduced the formidable Viper Tobi-Kadachi. The Handler will run away with the Tracker, leaving you and the beast squaring off against one another.

Viper Tobi-Kadachi Strategy

As mentioned earlier, you’ll want to have crafted some Master Rank Armor before starting this quest. Most likely you should be able to craft at least a few pieces of Banbaro or Beotodus Armor. However, if you find yourself struggling with this monster, consider building a few of the following pieces or weapons below to help you reach the max resistances for the monster’s special element or blight or do the most damage you can.

Ideal Armor PiecesIdeal WeaponsIdeal Decorations
Girros a+ Chest (Paralysis Resistance)Best: Master Rank Tobi-Kadachi WeaponsAntidote Jewel, Antipara Jewel, Vitality Jewels, Defense Jewels,
Pukei B + Pants (poison Resistance)Second: Master Rank Beotodus, Dodogama, or Great Jagras(with hidden element unlocked) Weapons
Alloy a + (Poison Resistance)

Viper Tobi-Kadachi will be the first subspecies you encounter in Iceborne within the story, and boy is it a doozy. If you’ve become accustomed to the standard Tobi-Kadachi’s moves, the Viper subspecies may surprise you with a few new tricks up its sleeves.

First thing to note is Viper’s ailments it can afflict. Be aware at all times of its jaws and its tail. From its maw comes a paralysis inducing venom that if hit with too many times, will have your hunter keeling over, allowing Viper to do whatever it wishes with you. Secondly, always keep an eye on the attacks where it uses its tail. These will inflict poison on your hunter, and a combination of not being able to move while your health trickles away is no joke. Its tail can also inflict a more potent venom on you that will drain your health even faster than standard poison. This is where it’s absolutely mandatory to use an antidote ASAP.

If fighting up close, avoid standing in front or behind it near its most dangerous elements, instead hitting at its side and reserving face swipes and tail swipes for when the monster is down.

In terms of tail attacks, it will swipe its tail behind it to hit you inflicting poison. It will also jump in the air, glide and then do a 360 tail swipe in front of it, also delivering a poisonous blow. It can also use this same 360 attack from a stand still as well. It can lunge forward biting ahead of it to try and paralyze you. It can follow this attack up with a second bit in the opposite direction but doesn’t always use it. Be ready for it nonetheless.

At a range the Viper Tobi-Kadachi is also deadly. It can swing its tail and shoot out venomous spikes from its tail. It can send out three in your general direction, or do a spin attack that sends them out all around its body.

As long as you’ve equipped some Paralysis and Poison resistance jewels or armor, and are instead only dealing with raw damage, this fight shouldn’t give you fits.

Viper Tobi-Kadachi Weakness

Note: Numbers next to elements and weak points indicate effectiveness, 1 being least effective, 3 being most.

Effective Element(s) (strongest to weakest)Thunder(3), Ice(2), Dragon(1), Fire(1)
Effective Ailment(s) (strongest to weakest)Sleep(2), Blast(2), Stun(2), Poison(1), Paralysis(1)
Weak PointsHead (Cut-3, Blunt-3, Ammo-3)Neck (Cut-3, Blunt-3, Ammo-2)Forearms (Cut-3, Blunt-3, Ammo 2)
Breaks and SeversHead, Back, Forelegs, Tail (Breakable)

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