Monster Train – Umbra Morsel Tips

Umbra Morsel Tips?

You just need 3 good units. I wouldn’t get the gorge Champion variant even with a gorge build (I haven’t tried this one actually). Get one of the other two. You can get the one that gives bonus capacity + 3 gorge units (the ones that get lifesteal or damage shield). If you go with the montrous Champion, only go for 2 units.

You just want a small army on each level, and not dump everything in one. Rest can be a few morsel support units (like the one that add a copy of a morsel when a morsel is summoned). The 0 mana consume get 3 morsel common card is really good.

I usually go for Monstrous on the bottom level, and 1 gorge unit on the 2 others. Then all you have to do is make sure to stack up the damage shields/lifesteal on them.

You can get some pretty sick spell combo if you get lucky with upgrades. If you can reduce to 0 the cost of the damage shield spell that gives you 2 morsel, you should be good to go.

It’s pretty easy to have your middle or top gorge unit get absurd 10+ lifesteal or 10+damage shields. You don’t need to kill the boss on the first room.

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