MORDHAU – Custom Graphics, Server Configs, Better FPS, and Misc Fun Stuff

By editing .ini file values you can configure your game to work more toward your own personal taste.

Overall Configuration (Most Info In Video)

Detailed Explanation for Enabling Certain Graphical Cvars

(Make sure you create backups of these files).

And yes, all of these commands work on all official, unofficial, lan, or private servers because they are clientside.

Go into your console and type the command you want to change without a value after it, for example r.MipMapLODBias. Once you do this it will tell you what file last edited the value (This isn’t always the case and some commands will just say “ProjectSetting” in which case you will need to search for it a bit more, if you can’t find the command you can typically add beneath commands with the same prefix, explained below), in the case of mipmap it is edited by the “DefaultScalability.ini” file located in your “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Config” directory.

The way the game handles graphical changes is by switching between the 4 quality settings “Low, Medium, High, Ultra” which in this case for handling textures are listed as follows “[TextureQuality@0], [TextureQuality@1], [TextureQuality@2], and [TextureQuality@3]” There is also “[TextureQuality@Cine]” but it doesn’t seem to do anything I guess it’s short for cinematic but it doesn’t matter. Under each of these tiers depending on what your graphical settings are it applies the following commands. For example on “Low” it uses the following:


Since I will never ever use the lowest texture setting I can set the “r.MipMapLODBias=2” to “r.MipMapLODBias=5” for that bonus framerate and solid color look. If you set this value higher than 5 team colors no longer are recognizable and should be used cautiously. Now when I go into game and set my graphics setting for textures to low, it will apply the “r.MipMapLODBias=5” automatically each time. If you don’t want to use the other low graphics settings but still use the mipmap change, you can replace your High or Ultra mipmap value to be higher.

In the case of “r.Fog” it isn’t an editable variable that exists in a .ini file. In order to set what it uses by default you can go into your “DefaultEngine.ini” and add it beneath other similar commands. The prefixed r. commands are beneath “[/script/engine.renderersettings]” which is used to organize r. commands. All you need to do is simply add “r.Fog=0” to this list of commands and each time you boot up the game regardless of graphical settings it will apply that command and remove fog. THIS CAN ALSO BE USED FOR “r.MipMapLODBias”.

Because the “DefaultEngine” variables are applied afterwards you can bypass the above usage of applying it only to specific graphical settings and instead apply it globally. “r.TonemapperFilm” is also in “DefaultEngine” if you want to alter that value. Again, make sure you create backups or you could make these files messy. As far as everything else goes, just experiment. See what you can find and do. I’m not actually sure where you would need to put p.RagdollPhysics for example just because I have already tried to and there is never a result. I imagine it stands for physics. There’s most likely still tons of stuff I haven’t found but this is just what I’ve found within a couple afternoons.

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