MORDHAU – How to Vote to Kick

I’ve noticed not many people know quite how to vote to kick someone as there is no obvious way to do it. Hopefully this guide will simplify this issue for anyone reading. This guide is simple and does not require the navigation of any folders as I’ve seen some guides say to do.

First Method

  • Open up your console. It should be your ` and ~ key. If it is not, check your bindings and find out which key you need to press to open it up.
  • Type and enter in console votekick playername (Note that this requires you to put the EXACT lettering including any symbols or else it will not work. If it still does not work, don’t worry, method 2 should work for you.)

Second Method

  • Open your console. (You will actually need to press the console key twice to see the full console)
  • Type and enter playerlist (this will show you an entire list of the players on your team. Don’t forget to be in the full console to see the list.)
  • Find the player you wish to kick, and find the number that they are associated with. (For example – 6 Bob – Obviously his number is 6.)
  • Type in your console votekick number (In the previous example, it would be votekick 6)

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