Mortal Kombat 11 – All Friendship Fatalities (+DLC Fighters)

Friendship Finishers

Friendship Finishers are joke Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11 that can be used as an alternative to the much more gorier finishers in the game. First introduced in Mortal Kombat 2 in response to the public outcry about the gratuitous violence in the Mortal Kombat series, Friendships are seen a funnier alternative when defeating your opponent.

Below is a table of all Friendship Fatality inputs for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch – which have all been condensed into shorthand that you can view in the table below. Read more about the Mortal Kombat 11 fatalities (and see them in action) further down the page.

Players can perform a Friendship Fatality the same way you would perform a normal Fatality – once the opponent is defeated and you are given a brief window to “Finish Them”, you can enter the button inputs at a certain distance to activate the finisher. Players can also use Easy Fatality Tokens to trigger a Friendship just by using the designated buttons.

ShorthandMortal Kombat Command
1Front Punch (Square PS4, X Xbox, Y Switch)
2Back Punch (Triangle PS4, Y Xbox, X Switch)
3Front Kick (X PS4, A Xbox, B Switch)
4Back Kick (Circle PS4, B Xbox, A Switch)

All Mortal Kombat 11 Friendship Fatalities

CharacterFatality 1 (Range)Inputs
BarakaNailed It (Mid)B, F, D, D, 1
Cassie CageFeeling Cute, Might Delete Later (Mid)B, F, D, D, 1
CetrionSerenity (Mid)D, D, D, D, 1
D’vorahI Feel Pretty (Mid)F, B, D, F, 2
Erron BlackWhat the Duck (Mid)F, B, D, B, 3
FrostFrost-Capades (Mid)F, B, F, B, 3
GerasBeach Party (Mid)F, D, F, D, 4
JadeI Want Kandy (Mid)F, D, D, D, 2
Jacqui BriggsWibbly Wobbly Kronibop (Mid)D, D, D, D, 2
Jax BriggsSexy Jax-A-PhoneF, B, D, D, 2
Johnny CageDub Dub WB (Mid)B, F, B, D, 2
KabalBop It (Mid)B, D, F, D, 1
KanoKiss the Cook (Mid)F, B, F, B, 2
KollectorOne Man Band (Mid)B, F, D, D, 2
Kotal KahnG.T.L. (Mid)D, B, D, F, 3
KitanaDo You Want to Build a Shao Kahn? (Mid)F, D, D, F, 3
Kung LaoKung-Ductor (Mid)F, B, F, B, 4
Liu KangShaolin Hustle (Mid)B, D, D, B, 2
Noob SaibotMe and My Shadow (Mid)F, F, D, 3
RaidenEarthrealm’s Got Talent (Mid)D, B, F, D, 4
ScorpionTeddy-ality (Mid)F, B, F, B, 4
SkarletMasterpiece (Mid)D, D, D, D, 1
Shao KahnWinner Winner Outworld DinnerD, F, D, F, 2
Sonya BladeFetch, Good Drone (Mid)D, F, D, D, 1
Sub-ZeroFrosty Treats (Mid)D, D, F, F, 1

DLC Fighters

Shang TsungRainbow Konnection (Mid)B, B, D, F, 4
NightwolfMatokan Sideshow (Mid)F, B, F, D, 1
Terminator T-800Stuntman (Mid)F, D, F, D, 3
SindelSweet Serenade (Mid)B, D, D, U, 3
JokerCome On Bats (Mid)D, D, D, D, 3
SpawnHellish Desire (Mid)B, D, F, D, 1
RobocopBreakin’ It Down (Mid)B, D, F, D, 4
FujinLet’s Go Fly a Kite (Mid)B, D, B, D, 2
SheevaKrystal Clear (Mid)F, B, D, D, 1
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