Mortal Kombat 11 – Unable to Connect to Servers Fix

Just a tip for how to potentially fix the unable to connect to game servers error that can show up even if the servers are online.

How to Fix

If you keep getting a “can’t connect to the servers” error even if the servers are up this tip might fix this.

When you’re inside the game on steam push shift and tab to get to the steam overlay, then select browser and google the mortal kombat 11 website. Go there and log in to WB games. Then restart the game and you should be able to connect to the servers.

I seem to get this problem whenever I do a fresh reinstall of windows.

I do not guarantee that this will fix the problem for you, this is just one thing to try.

Created by Santar


  1. I searched the Internet for a long time and couldn’t solve it. It is really feasible to use your method. Thank you for sharing!

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