Mosaic – Fast Blip Blop Achievements

Trick to complete Blip Blop achievements faster.


Mosaic is an amazing experience and its mini-game Blip is a lot of fun. However, this minigame gets old fast considering the minimalistic approach it takes with its features and getting its achievements becomes a sort of chore.

So here is the trick which I discovered after completing 90% of the achievements, it helped me go through last of the achievements in much quicker time than it would actually had taken me originally.

I used OP Auto Clicker for fast auto clicking.

This software is completely safe to download.

OP Auto Clicker

Once downloaded, open OP Auto Clicker and setup the properties as mentioned below.

  • In Click Interval, set milliseconds to 1.
  • In Click Options, set Click Type to Double.

Now when in-game press F6 to toggle auto clicker. After turning it on, simplly move your mouse cursor to blip and upgrade buttons and see collecting blips fastly.

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