Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – Most Profitable Routes per Job

60k+/hour routes for Delivery and Bus.


Route: Jeju-1

It has the most passengers (80+) with relatively small distance (7.3km)

Bus: Air City

Enough seats to hold all passengers and very maneuverable. Tuned for fast acceleration with 4 gear box, Short intake, radiator.

Profit: ~90k/hour


Heavy Duty Truck

Cargo: Container from Jeju Harbor

Route: 1100 Rest Area

There are 2 options – 5k and 7k, wait for 7k to show up

Could pick Sin-Chang warehouse if 1100 Rest Area is not available or if you don’t want to wait for it

Truck: Titan

18 speed gear box, turbo, Long intake, Locked difirential, FDV ~4, radiator

Profit: ~60k/hour

This route is slow (going roughly at 30km/h uphill) but it seems most profitable money/hour. Fuel and Log cargos don’t yield as much.

Medium Duty Truck

Those trucks are used for pallets. Money per pallet pays a few hundred bucks and you can only pick a few pallets. I didn’t bother with this one.

Light Duty Truck

Cargo: Supply Boxes from Military base

Route: Close locations (don’t go to the right side of the map)

Car: Pickup + trailer

Profit: ~78k+/hour

There are 7 empty Supply Boxes in the Militiray base and Truck + trailer let’s you pick up 6 which is enough.

Pick them up, deliver them and pick up full Supply boxes to return back to Military base.

Don’t follow the yellow marker, open the map, check the locations for drop off and plan a route.

There should be a cluster of locations on the left side of the map to drop off the boxes.

There is some RNG in this route. It depends on which warehouses need boxes and how many (usually 1 or 2).

There is potential for better yield with better car, tuning and good route. Could be close to 90k/hour.

Garbage Collection

Going around and gathering garbage seemed too slow to outbeat the other ways to make money.


With ~120 per delivery, it didn’t seem worth it to bother.


Very unreliable. You can spend 10 minutes for 2k profit or 5 minutes for 8k. You are at the hands of RNG. I didn’t bother.


I think this job is only for multiplayer. I’ve been driving around trying to find criminals but after 10 minutes I gave up.

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