Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Archer Tactics Quick Guide

A Quick archer tactics guide for newbies.

Archer Tactics

F3+F3 Loose Formation:

Allows for archers to spread apart and not blocking each others Line of Fire.


To split them into groups so they can shoot enemies in the flanks while your infantry engages/ Also helps if you have a large number of archers and want 100 rate of fire efficiency.


Plays a big part in winning a battle as having a hill or elevated terrain gives you a big advantage as it allows for a platform for your archers to shoot from with more accuracy and range.

Placing infantry in rivers and archers on the flanks is pretty much gg , slow moving infantry+ archers shooting into the flanks= GG.


Split archers into two groups use one to skirmish the enemy line and the other supporting your infantry on the flanks / on a hill.

If you still losing using this guide, you can try the universal tactic you can F1+F3 lol XD (note this means your troops charges the enemy).

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