Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Ultimate Trading Guide

Minimum and maximum prices for all towns.

Trading Playstyle

In Warband I loved to trade first to collect insane amount of money. Then I never have to worry about being poor again. I used an Excel-sheet to mark some prices and get some raw data. If you want to play like me and want to just spend 100 days jumping from town to town collecting load of money, keep reading.

Is trading best way to play?

If you want to be the ruler of the world without lowering difficulty. Yes.

If you want to play for fun. No. In fact I’m going to warn you. Trading play style might get boring. You will just jump from town to town buying and selling. Literally. No interesting fights or castle invasions.

Then the most important question: When should I end trading?

This is up to you, if you want to play just for the fun of trades, go ahead and do it. But after a certain point factions will go nonstop war with each other. That will affect the prices. You should be able to collect at least 500,000 denars before that. It should be more than enough not to worry about money ever again.

And buy mules. Every mule you find! I had 100,000 inventory space before I stopped trading and started actually playing the game.

Data in Sheet

Data is collected by the price that town is buying. If town was out of stock, I sold them one of each missing goods. Quit trading screen and reopened. Then typed in the price. I know this might make it less accurate but its the only way to find out prices in places that will never get the good to sell. Mostly its still really accurate.

I added BUY < and SELL > but they are just to give you perspective. DO NOT follow it 100%. Make your own decisions. Mostly I kept this to keep track where I should sell stuff, not buy. It helped me to plan a way, not just go randomly around world. If you have big stacks of items and can’t find high price enough, sell for cheaper. I usually bought for price BUY < and mostly sold for minimum of BUY < making profit minimum of 1. Trust me, you should do this or else you end up carrying 2000 flax with no buyer like I once did.

Please don’t mind the colors of towns. I changed colors when they got invaded to keep track.

The Sheets

Here is my raw data.

If you are intrested on how I got the min and max prices, here is table I used for that. It calculates average of all towns.

Final Words

Also I have an average counter with multipliers to calculate smartest way of selling goods. Here is example for flax:

The Sheet Link

How to use the sheet?

  • “MIN” = Minimum value for which goods are sold.
  • “BUY <” = Buy for lower than this to make profit.
  • “AVG” = Average price of goods worldwide.
  • “SELL >” = Sell for higher than this to make profit.
  • “MAX” = Maximum value for which goods are sold.
  • “WIN” = Profit made for buying at BUY < and selling at SELL >.
  • “TOWNS” = How many town are included. This is only needed if you want start over. None of the numbers are accurate before this reaches 53.

Next you will find the data sheet. On the right side of each town you find two prices for each good; top price is lowest and bot price is highest. Starting from first, Akkalat sells fish sometimes for 17 and sometimes for 25 and always for price between them.

When scrolling down you can find averages. Here you can check which town sells for lowest or highest price. For example if you have ton of fish on you, you should go to Chaikand.

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  1. Hey, thank you so much for this traiding Guide. It helps a lot and is very accurate, I made more money than God himself 🙂 I think there is no need for a horse-selling Guide, the prices ar so unstable. I can buy a sumpter horse for 89 in Poros and sell ist for 124 in Zeonica and both have a close ammount of horses (I meant mule, sumpter, sturgian, etc.).
    See you later, alligator

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