Mount & Blade: Warband – How to Beserk

Beserkers are a certain subclass of player, even if they mightn’t realise it. They can be a force to be reckoned with if skilled but laughable when they do not know how to melee.

What a Beserker Is

A Beserker is someone who has unstoppable morale and will barrel at you with no regrets.

They usually have a resentment for the S key but that can be played to their disadvantage as they will not know when to back up. Though sometimes they don’t need to and will still kick your ♥ regardless.

Requirements for a Beserker

If you want to become a Beserker or know how they work then you will want to tune in here.

These factions all are worthy Beserker factions


Personal Tier list for Beserker Factions

  • Nords – Have a wide range of axes great for shieldbusting Great Shields and good melee choices.
  • Vaegir – The Bardiche combined with the Scimitar are great for killing quickly, prices aren’t to bad.
  • Swadia- Swadians have good armour combined with the two handed swords. they would be higher on the list but because two handers are really the only viable option they are knocked down due to weakness to ranged.
  • Rhodok- More of a tankier faction. Many great two handed weapons that are viable but not reccomended. same thing with swadia when it comes to the two handers. except just tankier.
  • Sarranids- These guys aren’t viable but they have the odd two hander that can be used as a beserk. just not a good one. But better than.
  • Khergit- More skirmishers rather than direct fighters. obvious reasons imply that they aren’t great for charging into a melee fight and coming out of it alive.

How to Be a Beserker

Now we get to the juicy bits.

But first. if your not confident in charging in on most occasions and are a bit hesitant,

Listen to some music that will rile you up 

Alright, lets begin.

It should be known that if your going to be a beserker be confident in your skills and/or.

Git Gud 

In many situations you will need alot of footwork. As you will be outnumbered, if you have a shield, bob and weave in between your enemies so friendly fire stuns them and block them from attacking you. just make sure to have your shield up and pointing at the biggest threat during the move. then attack them when open.

If you are using a two handed weapon, keep your distance, S key if you must, just don’t get too connected to it. Remember that in most situations you will outreach them. So there is no need to get close enough to where they can fight back. But don’t worry if that isn’t an option.

Beserkers are the types of people to charge first off the siege tower or maybe the first to charge up or down the ladder as a attacker or defender, and generally inspire the others to charge after them. Remember people are more likely to shy away if they see you charge and get instantly chopped down. So only do so if you know you can keep up the fight until they have made up their mind to help you. This can change the outcomes of matches if done right and during multiple occasions.

The End

With this new found knowledge you can sail the seven seas and charge into a barrage of arrows and sword slashes!

Remember just because your riled up doesn’t mean you charge into the whole enemy team… alone.

Or that you don’t block. Remember to block I can’t stress it enough, never focus on your swings. Because more often than not you’ll be the one blocking.

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