Mount & Blade: Warband – How to Succeed in Between Empires

The Victorian Age may be daunting of a challenge for some. Fortunately, I understand the basics enough that I think I can effectively explain some.

Guide to Succeed in Between Empires

Note: Credit goes to kaimisons

Weapons and the Best Choices

In this mod, especially the WSE2 version, knowing the firearm options is important. There are three main options when it comes to weapons: Rifles, pistols, and misc.


These are the most easy to obtain weapon: every character starts with one, or at the least can obtain one by enlisting in an army.

This is the rifle you start with. It’s the best weapon for the early game in the first and second starts, but when Nations get magazine rifles, it is better to enlist and steal the weapon.


The Kamisons Corporation does not condone stealing weapons. The above option should only be used as a last resort.

Especially Kamisons Corporation rifles.

To anyone taking this seriously, this is a joke.

These are other rifle examples. The ones with Bayonets are better in melee. Think of them like thrown spears for purposes of control, and a crossbow for reloading. The bolt-action ones are different. There is one unique firearm here, a shotgun.

Shotguns appear to fire a ton of times per shot. Also, some pistols (like the LeMat) have a second barrel; I advise using it every chance you get.


Don’t bother. They do poor damage and take two lifetimes to reload. Even the flintlock muskets reload faster!

The exeption is the self-loaders that do have sane reload times, but those only come in the end of the current game as of writing.


Literally just some weapons that you could find equivalents to in normal M&B easily. I won’t even bother.


Cannons are only available from the armory of a faction.

I am not experienced with them other than howitzers are good.

Making a Troop Tree

When you make your own faction, you have to make your own troop tree. This is a matter of personal preference, RP preference, time, and the local factions. You can change it at any time.

Now onto the best discussion at the dinner-table: Politics!

How to exploit the political system to stay in power

Also, “lords” in the mod have no power. Don’t bother trying to convince them to commit high treason!

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