Mr. Prepper – Game Over Guide

How to lose the game, and the consequences.


What if I lose the game? Is it all over? Do I lose everything, and have to start from the beginning?

Nope. You get to load a save.

Not only that, you’re allowed to load any day save in the last 30 days.

In fact, this is the only way to load “previous” saves. Allowing you to potentially game the system in a way.

How Do I Lose?

You “lose” reaching the “Game Over” screen, by either

  • Dying
  • Getting Arrested


Getting Arrested is both simple, and complicated.

You just have to reach 100% suspicion on a report. That’s it.

It can be frustratingly easy, or frustratingly difficult though.

For example:

Oops, I done got jailed

Leaving your ladder uncovered nets you 100% suspicion.

Meaning if you accidentally click to leave your underground base, too close to the house door. Instead of moving out in to the room, then covering the carpet, THEN answering the door.

Game over.

The fix here is simple. Re play the day. But it’s still annoying.

How do I get jailed, so I can reload a previous save

You need to wait until the day that the agent will arrive. At most a week.

This means you won’t lose any “progress”, or ability to revert between visits. Since you get 30 days of reloads (23 minimum even with a week wait).

But you will get bored of dragging the “speed up” time arrow, and waiting.

For once, actual normal gameplay

You want to try to keep:

  • No uncovered Ladders!! (immediate 100%)
  • No uncovered plan/workbench (43% each)
  • Not too many/few of any household item (less severe)
  • Water usage below 2x maximum your sink can provide during the week.
  • Electricity usage below 90% at time of inspection.
  • No suspicious items in the wardrobes or cupboards aboveground.


To “die”, you need to reach the “4th” level of “Rough Night” / “Beaten Up”

This is a status condition that appears when you Faint. And only gets worse. Losing 25% maximum Preparedness each level.


  • No rough night = 100% max prep
  • Rought Night I = 75% max prep
  • Rought Night II = 50% max prep
  • Rought Night III = 25% max prep
  • Dead

How Do I get Rough Night?

To get “Rought Night”, you need to do something to make you “Faint”.

Either let the time on the clock run on to 3AM or Let your Preparedness reach 0

How Do I get rid of Rough Night?

To get rid of a level of “Rough Night”, you need to successfully complete a day, and Sleep (after 8pm)


  • completing a day with “Rough Night II”, will put you to “Rough Night I”.
  • completing a day with “Rough Night I”, will clear it completely.

How Do I “let preparedness reach 0”?

There are several things that affect preparedness directly:

  • Letting wild animals maul you when you are on 0HP
  • Not being in “Good Condition” (above 50% on both HP/Health/hunger, and Stamina/sleep)
  • Being in “Bad condition” (below 50% on both Health, and Stamina)
  • Being “Tired” (0% Stamina)
  • Being “Hungry” (0% Health)
  • Having an “Unhappy” Agent (last report >0% cumulative Suspicion)

How Do I make sure preparedness doesn’t reach 0?

Primarily: Be in “Good Condition”


  • above 50% Stamina, and above 50% health.

Your preparedness won’t “regenerate”. But it won’t decrease either.

How Do I increase my preparedness?

It is actually possible. But kind of difficult/awkward.

Food does increase your preparedness. Even the lowly Berry will increase your prep by 1.

Also, completing crafting in the workbench will increase Preparedness.

Starting a new day will also start you at max preparedness.


How do I lose fast/rollback past the current day?

Go get mauled by animal. Or fast forward time to reach 3am, or run out of stats.

Try to use this to land on the day an agent comes, and leave a ladder exposed.

If not, just do it 4 times in a row.

How do I not lose?

Keep stamina, and Hp over 50% at all times. Sleep and eat a lot.

And even if you die, it’s no biggie. Just reload a save you like the most.

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