MultiVersus – How to Counter Taz

Tornado Twistin Testicle Torsion!

How to Counter Taz

The Tazmanian Devil is one of the most devious characters in the game, his side special completely removes the need for any human interaction from the gameplay and allows the player to truly hone the powers of a button spamming toddler.

With that being said here is how to combat that move!

  • Step 1. Enter the game with a Taz player
  • Step 2. Inevitably lose the game
  • Step 3. Decline the rematch
  • Step 4. Go to your Career and look for your most recent match
  • Step 5. Block the Taz player!

And there you have it! You will never match up with that player again, as they are blocked.

Whenever the developers decide to nerf Taz. Keep those players blocked, F**k em!

Created by NothinPersonal

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