MX vs ATV Legends – SteamVR Guide

A quick list of instructions to get VR working.

Guide to SteamVR

Getting VR Working

  1. Right click on the game in your Steam Library and select “Properties”.
  2. Click on the “LOCAL FILES” tab and click “BROWSE LOCAL FILES”.
  3. Right click on MxGame2021.exe and select “Send to” -> “Desktop (create shortcut).
  4. Go to your desktop and right click on MxGame2021.exe – Shortcut and click properties.
  5. In the Target box add -vr to the very end. There is a space.

Quality of Life Improvements

Before running in VR change the camera to 1ST PERSON to hide the head in VR.

I also recommended that you hide the HUD.

  • Pause the Game.
  • Settings.
  • Gameplay Settings.
  • Heads Up Display -> Hide.

VR and Online

I think my work around that launches the game outside of Steam breaks online. I think we would need support from Rainbow Studios/THQ Nordic to have online and VR work simultaneously.

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