My Devil’s Voice – Achievement Hints

Just some general guidance to help unlock achievements.

Achievement Guide

Too hard: At the start of the game select to “Call Emmy” twice. Select “Harassment” and choose “Show Boobs” twice and then “How about a promotion” roughly 5 times.

Gocha!: When you go to hell select both of the doors on the right side.

Ouch: When talking to the demon in hell choose to “Squeeze the right boob” and then “Try to touch the boobs anyway”

Public Murano: Go find Murano in Room 22 when you notice that Murano is missing from class.

She wanted it: Demonic Path on Day 35, During school hours watch the map for a event with Murano and Edwin.

Runner: Find her jogging at the Park. Whisper to her that the “Maniacs are only here at night?” Visit the park at night and click on the bush.

Yoga: Find her on the bench at the Park. Arouse her on three different days. Find her in the bathroom at the night club.

Full Power: Unlock 3 Powers. You should naturally get this through story progression.

Bad spy: Spam “Arouse” on someone until you become a demon and then try to explore the map.

Anti Nerd: On Day 18 the Lecturer announces the Exam. For the next 7 days interrupt her every time she tries to study. On the final day for study for the Exam, She gets a invite to a party. Select the option “It’ll also soothe your nerves” and “Yes” and she will meet the guy at the club and then move to the party.

Demon/True: You need to have at least 5 points to enable an ending. Red options lead to Demonic ending and Blue options lead to True Ending.

Pure Evil / Pure goodness: Pick only Red or only Blue choices when presented

Angel: To start you on this path, Raise her study level and become friends with the redhead Anabel.

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