My Little Blacksmith Shop – Ore Node Locations

Ore Node Locations


Copper ore can be found just left of the mine as well as in the ceiling of the mine as it takes a right turn.

Copper ingots can be bought for 10c.

Coal / Carbon

Coal and carbon ore can be found in the mine. Coal and carbon cannot be bought.


Tin ore can be found on the far wall to the right of the beginning shop. (standing looking at the front) There are two nodes, one is hidden behind a boulder, and the other is right below the large shop.

Tin ingots can be bought for 200c.


There are two nodes of iron ore. For the first you will need to open the first door in the mine.

The second can be found in the final chamber of the mine. (note: all gems will need to be found before unlocking the sliding door blocking the way.

Iron ingots can be bought for 1s.


Adelite ore can be found near the sliding door in the mine after the parkour.

Adelite ingots can be bought for 10s.


Adamantine ore can be found in the final chamber of the mine.

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