My Singing Monsters – Ultimate Zynth Farm Guide

The purpose of this guide is to fully educate and inform whoever comes across it about Zynth farms, why you want one, and why such farms are the most efficient method of game-play advancement in the entire game, and is the key to expanding your My Singing Monsters progression!

Ultimate Zynth Farm Guide (Easiest Way to Get a Filthy Amount of Any Currency)


Welcome! Everyone who has stumbled on this guide has either a handy surprise or a simple benefit, so, without further ado, allow me to demonstrate why Zynth farms are absolutely GOATED (with the sauce).

Why Zynths?

Zynths are by far the most productive Wublins to invest in and farming them is the easiest in contrast to all other Wublins. Here’s why.

  • Zynths only take up 2×2 tiles, making them the smallest Wublin, only tied by Thwok, who requires more monster eggs to wake up, making it a less suitable farming monster.
  • Being the smallest Wublin means that it is the most profitable Wublin to have a farm of, because the more you can fit on the island, the more profit you will produce.
  • All Wublins have the same production rate and time, so, since you can have many more Zynths than other Wublins, this works out to be in the players favor.
  • Zynths are one of the easiest Wublins to wake up, because they only need six monsters to activate, in contrast to most other Wublins needing 10+ eggs to awaken.

Profit, Profit, Profit

Now,as i previously mentioned,Zynth farms are one of the most efficient and effective methods of acquiring absolutely exorbitant amounts of Shards, Coins, Diamonds, and Treats.

Here is the amount of these currencies that are produced in relativity to how many Zynths are currently awake on your Wublin Island.

(Note: exact numbers are not guaranteed but are roughly accurate, only being variable because of the way Wublins randomly generate currency)

So, after seeing the possible amount of coins you could be getting every ~12 hours, I’m sure you’re curiosity has been stimulated just enough to continue reading further.

Good Information

Zynths only require six monster eggs to successfully wake up, and without bonus breeding structures you can generate 1x Zynth every ~6-12 hours,depending on how many breeding structures you have and how many islands you use at the same time for breeding, which is a massively rewarding investment, and will pay you back very well for your efforts.

Two out of the six monsters that are required (Maw, and Drumpler) take about 22-30 mins to successfully breed, so these monsters are the easiest to pop out right off the bat. The other four monsters (Congle ,T-Rox, Oaktapus, and Pango) take ~6-8 hours to breed so I recommend either pre-breeding them or using all possible structures to breed them.

Also, the maximum amount of Zynths you can place on Wublin island is 109.

Effective Strategies for Faster Wublin Activation

Basic Strategy Information

  • Maw and Drumpler take about 30 minutes to breed, so you should breed those monsters first, and using the breeding structures on whatever islands you can is a huge advantage
  • To ensure that you arent set back as much by breeding failures (with the four other monsters that require 6+ hours to breed) repeatedly breed a single element (preferably noggin, who has the shortest breeding, incubation time of any monster in the game) and one of the other monsters (Oaktapus, T-Rox, Pango, Congle) so that if the breeding fails you don’t have to wait any time to try the breeding again
  • Also, in order to not clog up your production and fill your nurseries with unwanted eggs, make sure you have a Wublin other than a Zynth that you can zap the failed breeding attempt monsters to so that you can get rid of them without having to incubate the egg and hatch or sell it first.


Rare monster breeding

The rare version has to be available, it can only be bred during certain events and not all the time. (You can see what’s available from the Monster store, the Collection book, and the ingame mailbox.)

Wishing torches and parent monster levels make a noticeable difference. Rare T-Rox is available now (for one day) if you haven’t seen it yet.

So is zynth farm useless now?

The most space efficient wublins for farming would be a 2×2 one with a positive polarity that is also 2×2, which would be blipsqueak, which is also much more difficult to wake up than brump or zynth. but if you’re a freak for efficiency then maybe a blipsqueak farm with screemus sprinkled in for maximum polarity could be more efficient than a zynth farm ever could be.

I haven’t tested out how much faster polarity makes wublins generate currency, so if it’s not much faster than normal then maybe you’re just better off with the classic zynth farm instead of the strategy mentioned above.

As far as im aware zynths now have a lower chance of producing diamonds and tympa or pixolotl farms are the new meta since they make 3 diamonds instead of 2, although im not sure if they have a better chance of producing daimonds or if their production rate is faster.

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