My Summer Car – Managing Needs


  • A: Faucet: Press Q near a faucet to bend over, and when the water is running, your thirst will go down.
  • B: Milk: also affects Hunger. Relatively cheap for what it can do.
  • C: Alcohols
  • D: Coffee, though it’s better for managing Fatigue.


  • A: Sausages: Most efficient form of eating, causes only a bit of thirst.
  • B: Moose Meat: Find a dead moose, chop it up with the axe, and grill it.
  • C: Pizza/Macarons: Not bad, not great, just another option. More thirst than sausages.
  • D: Chips: Causes insane amounts of thirst, and for their cost, are not very effective.
  • E: Milk: Also affects thirst.
  • F: Cigarettes reduce hunger.
  • G: Beer reduces hunger very slightly.


  • A: Sauna: You have one in your house, and there is also one on the island. Heat it up and make sure it’s hot, and then throw some water on it with the ladel. This can be hard, because the detection sucks.
  • B: Cigarettes: Quick and easy stress management, but causes your rate of stress to increase, and eventually become addicted and crippled to them.
  • C: Chopping Wood: You can do this at home, on the island, and if you win the shack from the Catch 21 dealer.
  • D: Getting drunk on alcohol


just pee lol


  • A: Sleeping: Passes time relative to how tired you are, and you have to be at least 1/8 fatigue.
  • B: Coffee


  • A: Showering
  • B: Swimming in the lake, you have to be some ways out in the water.
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