My Time at Sandrock – Commissions & Quests

Commissions & Quests


Commissions are the soul of this game. Live and breathe them! To advance in the game, you must complete Commissions. As you complete Commissions, your Workshop Reputatio inc

At the start of the game, you can acquire one Commission each day. As you progress in gaining Workshop Reputation, the number of Commissions you can receive increases. For example, at Two Stars Workshop Reputation, you can pick up two Commissions.

You must complete the current Commission(s) you have before you can get new ones. You can complete multiple Commissions in a day.

For example, if you cannot complete a Commission the same day that you pick it up, you have to complete it before picking up a new one the next day. You can then complete the new Commission on the same day.

Placing an ad in the Tumbleweed Standard and gaining Workshop Reputation increase the number of Commissions available and the rewards.


The Main Quest will teach you how to play the game and present the story of the game. There are also side quests, including fetch quests, build quests, and tutorial quests.

There is no limit on the number of Quests that you can pick up each day and you can complete as many as you like during the day.

Time Limits

Commissions and Quests have a time limit for completion – anywhere from two to seven days for Commissions and shorter or longer periods for Quests. If you do not complete them on time, you will not receive any rewards and may lose Workshop Reputation.


  • Experience
  • Gols
  • Workshop Reputation
  • Relationship Reputation

Completing Commissions & Quests

The items required for the Commissions and Quests can be anything from resources crafted at your Worktable, Machines, or the Assembly Station. The rewards are higher for the more complex requests. The Commissions only require creating a single or multiples of one item, such as one Furnace or 15 Thick Rope. Quests can require multiple items, such as Wooden Sticks and Copper Bars, and multiples of each item.

All of these items require various kinds of resources – wood, stone, animal parts, ore, etc. The resources also come from machines – Copper Screws, Marble Slabs, etc., – and may require processing across several machines, such as Copper Bars from the Furnace, Wooden Boards from the Processor, Copper Screws from the Grinder, and Wooden Sticks from the Workshop.

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