My Time at Sandrock – Stamina Guide


What you are able to do each day is based on the amount of Stamina you have available. This includes mining, gathering, kicking, and fighting.

Increasing Stamina

There are several methods to increase Stamina:

  • Leveling up
  • Wearing certain equipment
  • Placing Stamina furniture in your house

Restoring Stamina

Eating Food

  • Eat once per day at the Blue Moon Saloon
  • Craft food
  • Purchase “food to go” at Blue Moon Saloon and By the Stairs

At the Blue Moon Saloon, you can spend gols to eat a variety of dishes. The price of the dish and the amount of Stamina it restores varies. The Saloon offers a “Special” each day consisting of two dishes.

You can purchase a total of 11 items. Make sure you use enough Stamina before buying food so that no Stamina points are “lost” because you are attempting to restore more than your maximum.


Sitting on furniture restores Stamina. The amount of Stamina restored varies on the type of furniture. More comfortable furniture restores more Stamina. Furniture you can sit on can be found around town, purchased, or crafted and placed in your home. When sitting on furniture, I recommend increasing the game speed and then lowering it to normal when finished.

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