Mythic Ocean – Achievement Tips

A tips guide for how to get the achievements.

Tips to Obtain Achievements


This guide is not meant to be a step-by-step walkthrough. It is only meant to be a guide to help you get achievements, as there are so many options and steps that there are most likely multiple ways to get achievements. I will only outline steps if an achievement specifically needs certain outcomes in order to come about.

Story Achievements

Achievements that are part of the story in some way.

First Chapter

Finish a fable. Go back and forth between two gods, following a storyline until you’ve finished it.

Lockdown Lifted

At some point after you’ve done enough fables for Amar, Lutra and the Twins, Amar will tell you the door in the Kelp Forest will open.

Safe and Sound

This is part of Althea’s storyline. Find a way to get the creatures in the Breach home. You can either get Gnosis to do it, or encourage Althea to find a way. The latter seems to be in line with Althea’s ‘good’ path, as it encourages them to not rush into the first option with an untrustworthy Gnosis.

“Archivist” and “Loremaster”

Collect 9 and 18 pages (half and all). There’s another guide up that’ll show you all the spots to find them.

Ending Achievements

The achievements for getting certain endings are all fairly similar in how they are acquired. Each god has an initial state at the start of the game, and (with one exception) you can influence them down one of two paths. Each path has it’s own ending if that god is chosen as Creator.

There are also 3 achievements for how the gods react to one another in the endings.

Amar – “Rainforest Reserve” and “Endless Party”

Amar’s two paths can be summed up as being responsible or being relaxed. Encourage him to take responsibility for the forest and help others out, and you’ll get the Rainforest Reserve ending if he becomes Creator. If you tell him to chill out and not worry about things, then he’ll decide the only thing that matters is himself, and you’ll get Endless Party.

Althea – “Solarpunk Star System” and “Megacorp Universe”

Althea’s paths revolve around her research. She’s either considerate and thinks on her research’s actions or obsessed to the point she doesn’t care so long as she gets results. Mentioning how dangerous things can be and making her think over things will get you Solarpunk Star System. But if you let her go with the easiest and first option available, regardless of how dangerous it is, then you’ll get Megacorp Universe.

Esti & Ketri – “Powers For All” and “Storm of Despair”

The Twins paths revolve around trust and compassion and selfishness. Powers For All is the end result if you encourage them to open up and be kind to others.

I do not have Storm of Despair yet, but I believe it’s gotten by letting them be ruled by their past and not encouraging them to be friendly with others.

Lutra – “The Collective” and “The Scourge”

Lutra’s pretty simple. Either it’s conservative or obsessed with its hunger. Teaching it to save for the future gets you The Collective, while letting it eat everything without caring ends with The Scourge.

Gnosis – “Panopticon”

Gnosis is a special case in that the only way it can become Creator is if you give it enough pages that it basically tells you that it’s guaranteed to win. It also does not have a second ‘good’ path like the others – every time it wins it’ll have the same ending.

Divine Harmony, Diplomacy Check, Theomachy

Divine Harmony is when all the gods are at peace and have no disagreements. The easiest way to get this is to push each god towards their ‘good’ alignment – responsible Amar, considerate Althea, compassionate Twins and conservative Lutra. So long as you don’t give Gnosis any pages, any of the others’ endings will almost certainly end with them all at peace, no matter which of the four is Creator.

Theomachy requires the gods to be at odds with one another. Usually one of the easiest ways to do this is to get any god’s ‘bad’ endings with a good Lutra, as good Lutra will go to war with any of the others if they’re bad. It’s also easy to get with having the gods all on their ‘good’ paths, and getting Gnosis’ ending.

Diplomacy Check is tricky. You need a certain combination of good and bad gods on a bad ending that results in disagreement but not outright war. I am aware of three combinations that will reportedly work.

  • Megacorp Universe ending – Lutra is obsessed with hunger, Amar is responsible and the Twins are compassionate. This is the combination I personally got this achievement with.
  • Storm of Despair ending – Lutra is obsessed with hunger, Amar is responsible, Althea is considerate with her research.
  • Endless Party ending – Lutra is obsessed with hunger, Althea is considerate with her research, the Twins are compassionate.

Supposedly you can get Diplomacy Check with other combinations, as it just requires having gods disagree but making sure the ‘ringleader’ of the rebellion doesn’t want outright war. The easiest way is simply making sure that someone who’ll go to war (basically good Lutra) doesn’t exist.

NPC Achievements

All of these achievements have to do with the NPCs around the different areas. Some of them are not available unless the area’s god is on a certain path.

“Diplomat” and “Ambassador”

Meet 25 and 50 NPCs. Pretty simple, use your sonar and whenever you see a white swirl in an area, go talk to the NPC that’s there. You have to recheck some areas for Ambassador, as certain areas gain more NPCs after storylines progress.

“Dissonant Melodies” and “Harmonious Melodies”

There’s a sand worm in the Eel Forest called Rosetta who you can talk to at the start of the game. When the Eel Forest updates with new NPCs, she’ll have updated lines, talking about whether or not the ‘voices of the Ocean’ are in harmony or not.

I genuinely have no idea what triggers Harmonious Melodies. Every time I’ve talked to her, I’ve gotten Dissonant, even when all the gods were on their good paths. All I can think of is delaying talking to her until you’re basically done and seeing if that helps.

A Truly Impressive Snout

When you first reach the Kelp Forest, there’s a swordfish and a dolphin hanging out. The swordfish wants to insult the dolphin. Continue delivering the insults for it until you run out of dialogue. When the Kelp Forest updates with new NPCs, go back and talk to the dolphin and deliver its compliment to the swordfish. I’m fairly sure this is path locked to responsible Amar.

All Hail Lord Poison

Talk to Lord Poison on entering the Coral Reef for the first time (it’s at the very bottom of the area). When the Coral Reef updates with new NPCs, go back and listen to them perform for their fans.

All’s Well That Ends Well

When the Moss Cave updates with new NPCs, a shrimp will mention looking for a new room-mate. There’s a fish that’ll fit the bill near the entrance to Kelp Forest. If Lutra isn’t completely on their good route, you’ll get this.


There’s a break-dancing crab in the Kelp Forest who tells you the rule when you first talk to him. Later on when the NPCs update, talk to him again and when he asks if you remember the rule, tell him “Be like water” to get this.

I’m not certain, but I believe this may be path locked. If you can’t get it, try again with Amar on the other path.

Biggest Crab Ever

Talk to Tuff the crab in the Coral Reef, he’ll show up when the Reef updates with new NPCs. If the Twins are on their good path, this will trigger. Otherwise you’ll get Sciophobia.

Perfect Roommate

When the Moss Cave updates with new NPCs, a shrimp will mention looking for a new room-mate. There’s a fish that’ll fit the bill near the entrance to Kelp Forest.

This achievement is tricky because Lutra must be entirely on their good path and seems to require being very friendly with you in order to not eat things in the Moss Cave on their way to the Kelp Forest at the end of their storyline. Make sure you’re very strict about making sure that it knows not to eat everything (even if they get unhappy with you about it), and send Amar over to talk to it about being conservative. Also make sure that Lutra talks to Althea when they turn up to take samples.


Talk to Tuff the crab in the Coral Reef, he’ll show up when the Reef updates with new NPCs. If the Twins are on their bad path, this will trigger. Otherwise you’ll get Biggest Crab Ever.

The Daily Delight Philosophy

Talk to the dolphin in the Kelp Forest when you first arrive. When the NPCs update, talk to it again. I’m fairly sure this is path locked to relaxed Amar. You may also want to avoid talking to the swordfish.

Unsung Hero

Talk to Zuban (one of the blue creatures stacked on top of each other) when you first enter the Moss Cave. When it updates with new NPCs, return and talk to Zuban again.

Lutra must be entirely on their good path for this to trigger – see Perfect Roommate.

Other Achievements

Chasing Whirlpools

In Kelp Forest, there’s whirlpools that’ll shoot you up into the air. Ride them 5 times.

Cradle of Stars

After meeting Lutra for the first time, go sit in the pod they came out of for 30 seconds.


In Althea’s lab, go up to where you meet them for the first time and ram yourself into one of the beakers on the table that move. Manoeuvre it through the hole in the floor, then swim down and press the button that opens the telescope (it’ll glow on your sonar if you’re having trouble finding it) so that the beaker drops into the abyss.

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