Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 – Unlock Story Assembler (Bugged Achievement)

Unlock Story Assembler (Bugged Achievement)

I played the story 3 times until I saw a guide on google on how to get this Achievement. Apparently it is bugged or glitched for some people not all.

Hope this works as it did for me!

Play through the game avoiding all memory crystals and red scrolls at all costs! If you accidentally pick one up, reload and old save just in case. Once you beat the main scenario, collect all blue scrolls in the game from all areas. Utilize Warp Scrolls as they keep you from accidentally running into red scrolls while traversing the map. Once you’ve collected them all, go ahead and fight all the cursed dolls to unlock the Fragment chapter.

Play through that and after regaining control, save the game! Speak to the ninja in the Hokage’s Office and view the story list. You won’t unlock the title but now you’ll have interacted with him. Return to the area that the Fragment took place in with Naruto after interacting with the ninja and collect all the blue scrolls in the area, still avoiding the red scrolls and memory crystals. Finally, with all scrolls collected, return to the Hokage’s Mansion and speak to the ninja.

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