Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker – Brief Explanation on How to Form a Team

It has come to my attention that no one (or very few players) appear to know how to invite one to a team – or the reasons they are unable to do so. The game does not offer a guide or any tutorial that I’ve noticed, on how this works, so I wanted to type up a very brief explanation on how it’s done – to GREATLY reduce your time waiting for matchmaking, and also enhance teamwork by doing multiple missions with the same players. Please give it a read, even if you’ve done a lot of events and consider yourself a professional. You probably already know it – but it’s very simple – just unexplained by the game itself. An important mechanic, in a team ninja-combat-tournament game. 

…and provides no end to frustration for people waiting to get to the actual combat portion of the game.

How to Form a Team Without Waiting for Matchmaking

This is meant to be a simple guide. I’ve had my Xanax and I don’t want to waste my whole day on it writing a guide – and this simple of a problem / solution does not require a fancy guide, hopefully this isn’t too sloppy for “steam standards”.

I’ve noticed very few people actually know how to form a team/squad outside of the horribly slow matchmaking feature. I’m sure you’ve tried, and gotten the message or a similar one, in the screenshot below…

This is something the game does not provide any instruction to. I get endless streams of “looking for help with ____” with endless responses of “I’ll help with the mission!” …only to have them sit there and stare at me, and say they’re ready. Not inviting me, or trying and not understanding why they can’t. 

Leave matchmaking – make your team – and then join matchmaking. It will be MUCH faster, and a much more cohesive experience. 

Keep in mind, there are other reasons – such as being a “member” of a squad, not the “leader” – only the leader is allowed to invite new members to a squad. If either member is in matchmaking however, it WILL NEVER WORK. 

So next time you’re having trouble making a 4-man cell (or however many you want) – remember to leave the matchmaking first. Then rejoin once you have who you want. 

That’s literally all there is to it, and it speeds up the actual PLAY time in this game exponentially.

Created by Alpha-methyl

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