Necesse – Quick Startup Guide

Just a quick startup guide on things I found helpful.

Quick Guide On How to Begin

So you have an Axe

You start off slow as a turtle with a strange old man giving you an alarming eye, ignore him completely and immediately start chopping trees, you are gonna want at least 100 wood so go ham. It’s a good idea to chop a clearing around your creepy adopted grandpa’s house. Once you have a good stack visit grandpa and use his tool bench, what’s his is yours so you can steal from the chest, store things and save in the bed. Using the bench make a pick axe, a sword, and a boomerang. Congratulations. You are now armed with a poking stick. You can run around practicing poking enemies and getting more trees (you will always need them), and if you are feeling too squishy cows drop leather you can turn into armor.

Oh god! It burns!

The good news, you’re armed. The bad news is pretty much everything can still eat you. Open your inventory and look to the right hand side, you can make torches. These are your best friend because enemies spawn in the dark. Make a nice stack of 50 or so, r can quickplace torches within a square or so of you. Its good to make sure the surrounding area of the cabin is well lit, along with any sections of grandpa’s basement you need to clean up.

Poking the bodies in Grandpa’s basement

Great work! Once again your hard work has paid off, you have a sharpened stick, animal skins and the power of fire so you have become a full fledged caveman. But now, you need more, you need to go down the creepy ladder. Keep a weapon out while placing torches and if you get mobbed don’t panic, just run and place torches until you find a relatively safe choke point or hall and funnel the enemies into your sword, or if its something too nasty just go upstairs for a while, things seem to wander, once you’ve cleared a small area and fully lit a few rooms its usually safe to mine, for an added layer of safety you can carry some walls and doors to make sure things dont ambush you from dark sections. You are gonna want lots of iron. Gold and copper are good but get as much iron as you can your first time delving. You will need it for the next steps.

Is Smith in?

When you get back to the surface rub the soot from your eyes and get back to the work bench to make a forge. Use it to smelt any ore you found and then make an anvil. After that if you have iron left make a better pick and then a better sword. As you continue to mine and gather you can also make better armor and other weapons to your preferences.

Full house

Another thing you might be wondering is what the funny white flag does. Don’t worry. You aren’t surrendering to Gramps, you are getting him his own room and caretakers. Place the flag anywhere convenient and get to making floors, walls, and a few doors. You will need many more floor squares than walls or doors, place your flooring and build a room on top of it, if you mess up or want to connect it to the existing house you can take walls down with the axe or pick. Make sure each room is fully floored and has doors so it counts as its own space and then go back to the flag. You can now get useful roommates!

Tips and Hints

As you go along you can easily find or make fire arrows, these are useful for scouting since they light up the dark, some magic attacks do it too!

Summons rock! If you can get a mount or a summon do so. Not much nicer than being able to dodge while something else bites things for you.

Q is quick potion once you get health potions. There is a cool down but it can be life saving.

Armor has set effects, don’t mix them if you can rock a full set.

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