Necromunda: Hired Gun – Defuser Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get Defuser Achievement / Trophy

Defuser: Trigger all mines on Steel way.

So first of all this achievement doesn’t unlock until you complete the mission (after your score/earnings screen)

The area you’re looking for begins with signs mentioning mines, this is just after you open the large door at the start of the mission (you’ll know you’re in the right place as a dog will come towards you and set off the first 2). Majority of the mines are along the tracks section between the train and the crossroads when the tracks stop and a few enemies spawn, make sure to back track just to be sure you’ve not missed any. They’re pretty easy to spot and leave a little fire where they used to be and most cause a chain reaction detonating a few others.

When the tracks come to a stop and enemies spawn you’ll notice a train hanging out of the wall up high. Behind this train to the left is a chest and in front of this chest is a mine (has half a leg stood on it) come back onto the train and cross over to the opposite opening to find another set of 7 mines (all should go off together).

Jump down at you’re at a crossroads (ish) you wanna go right where you will find another 10 mines around a chest, again these should all detonate each other.

The last group are little further on. You need to pick up batteries to ride an elevator up to a higher floor. After exiting this elevator and heading down the corridor you’ll be attacked and should here several explosions, that will be the last group of mines being detonated by a dog, entering the room you should see 7 little fires surrounding a hole in the floor.

After that just head for the end of the mission.

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