Necromunda: Hired Gun – How to Make Money Quick

Necromunda: Earning Cash (Quick). How? Run, forest, run!

Earning Cash

You’ll Need These Implants

Bionic legs (extra speed)

Heightened senses (enemies react slower)

Strength booster (more extra speed!)

Also highly recommend to rebind keys for the abilities.

Select these Missions Types

Go for:

  • Meat Harvest, Fans Destruction, Fans Pollution, Ammo Stockpiles or Stocks of Ghasts.

Why? You want a quick-in – a quick shot – and a quick-out!

Once started either, simply combine dash, jump, special abilities, use your doggy for extra distraction and focus on the objective.

Depending on a map layout you can finish it under a 30sec, or around a minite.

20-30k earned in a minute or less! Hello new implants!

Chaotic Video Example

Watch my chaotic running videos below for an idea.

Fans (26s)

Meat Harvest (1m10s)

Created by Lord Of War

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