Necromunda: Hired Gun – Secret Achievement / Trophy Guide

A basic guide to the secret achievements / trophies with as few spoilers as possible.

Secrets That Are Not So Secret

  • The Bounty: Finish Level 1
  • The Captive: Finish Level 2
  • The Beast: Finish Level 3
  • The Ambush: Finish Level 4
  • The Escape: Finish Level 5
  • The Siege: Finish Level 6
  • The Dark: Finish Level 7
  • The Stair: Finish Level 8
  • The Meeting: Finish Level 9
  • Gang war: Finish Level 10
  • The Scent: Finish Level 11
  • Martyr’s End: Finish Level 12
  • The Past: Finish The campaign

Secret Secrets Are No Fun

General Game

  • I Hate Walking: Use your Grapnel to travel over 5km.

Martyr’s End Based

  • Who’s a Good Boy?: Pet your dog at Martyr’s End.
  • Man’s Best Friend: Buy an upgrade for your dog from the doc.
  • Bull’s Eye: Finish the shooting range at Martyr’s End. Its above the gun store.

Level #1:

  • The One and Only: Only use your default weapon on level one. I suggest on a replay after its been upgraded.

Level #2:

  • Future Best Friend?: Don’t Kill the NPC towards the end of the 2nd level. Minimal story influence.
  • Ruthless: Kill the NPC on the 2nd level. Do it as soon as they open the hatch, only chance. Minimal story influence.

Level #7

  • Kill It With Fire: Kill the new enemy type on this level with a grenade launcher.


  • Pedestrian: Finish Avarus without using the grapnel.
  • God Speed: Place the 5 bombs in a gap of less than 3 minutes in Escher Lab.
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