Nevergrind Online – Tips & Tricks

I don’t claim to be an expert but there have been a lot of questions in newbie groups I’ve been in for the same stuff, so it’s easier to reference them here.

Shortcut Keys

You can use Ctrl + F in this guide to quickly search keywords if you’re looking for something in particular.

Shift + Left click an item in your inventory to quick sell when you have a vendor screen open

Shift + Left click to quick buy an item in a vendor’s inventory

Most commands in this game require the use of lowercase characters that I’ve seen

To give someone else party lead when you’re the party leader, say you want to give it to someone named Alan you’d use /promote alan

Similar commands for boot etc. all this is shown under /help party

In the chat window, if you use the up arrow, you can go through the previous chat messages you’ve sent

  • Handy when you’re lfg or lfm

In chat

/help gives you help commands such as
/camp to go to character select

This is faster than clicking the top left button for most people

/played to see your current character information
/clear to clear the chat box etc.

There are sub-help categories such as /help party to see party commands. The sub-help mentions are usually shown when you go to the tavern, and click the top tab for ‘tips’

You can join different chat channels

  • ‘Town’ the default channel you load into is currently where everyone is
  • You can join different chat channels by doing /join channelname

This can be useful for groups to have private chat or big groups to easily see each other

/join lfg for example may be used more in the future
/join should put you back in the default ‘town’ channel

You can send private DM’s / tells to players by using the syntax /tell playername Message

  • You can reply to a tell you get by using default shortcut R and I believe /r or /reply should work too

You can search for levels and classes just like you could in EQ (EverQuest) by using

/who druid where druid is the class you want to see is online and their levels
/who ranger 16 30 would only show Rangers that are level 16 to 30

You can add a friend not just by clicking on their portrait / avatar, you can use the command /friend add playername and it will add them to your friends list

  • You can see who is online in your friends list by using the command /friends or /flist
  • More of these commands including remove, ignore, etc. are listed under /help

GUI Miscellaneous

You can see the current and past patch notes by clicking the item in the bottom left on the character select screen.

Most of these are covered in the Tavern tips tab at the top

You can leave a party by clicking your portrait and clicking ‘disband’

The apothecary has an identify all button in the bottom left so you don’t have to do it manually

  • It does cost slightly more gold than doing it manually

You can expand your inventory slots by going to the Merchant and paying x gold in the bottom left

  • The price increases for each upgrade

In the very top left of your screen in town there is a camp button to go back to the character select screen, you can also just use /camp

On your hotbar, you can right click skills to move them to a different hotkey

  • This is handy when setting up a new toon

In the bank, you can right click items to move them to your inventory

  • Currently there’s nothing I know of to move an item from your inventory to the bank

You can left click on players in the right side of the screen and get options to invite, send a tell, etc.

If you want to see your characters stat numbers such as HP, Mana, and Spirit, open up your character screen and the numerical values will show on your characters portrait at the bottom


I’m sure you know most of these but some may not know the lingo especially some originally used in EQ (EverQuest).

  • AA – Alternate Advancement – This was a skill system that EQ had starting some levels before max that allowed you to specialize your character. This was a form of endgame that EQ had and we hope to get in this one too.
  • afk – Away from keyboard
  • aggro – Threat to a character. Tanks hold ‘aggro’ or at least are supposed to from mobs, so other party members don’t get hit. If you’re not the tank or healer, and you have aggro, you’re doing it wrong. Just because you can do high dps, doesn’t mean you should depending on if the tank has aggro or not. The more a healer has to heal, including non-tanks, the more aggro the healer gets, which is bad. Healing causes one of the highest aggro in the game, as it is in most games.
  • aoe – Area of effect – multi-target abilities
  • avatar – A player’s portrait / what you see for your character / group members / classes
  • aka – Also known as
  • bbl – Be back later
  • bbs – Be back soon
  • bio / brb bio – Be right back, need a bio (biology) break / aka going to the restroom
  • brb – Be right back
  • buffs – Beneficial utility ‘buffs’ that add stats or add something good. Debuffs are the opposite.
  • gj – Good job, Great job
  • gg – Good game, good going, great job, good group (people usually say this before they leave)
  • gtg – Good to go or Got to go, depending on the context
  • KEI – Kodiak’s Endless Intellect – This was a hard to get Enchanter spell in EQ that gave amazing mana regen if you had it.
  • land – When an ability ‘lands’, hits, or applies, it is said to have ‘landed’
  • lfg – Looking for group
  • lfm / lf3m – Looking for more / Looking for 3 more to join a party. For ex. lf2m need tank
  • lol – Laugh out loud / when you find something funny
  • m8 – Mate for example, thanks m8
  • MGB – Mass Group Buff – This was an AA skill that allowed normally single target buffs to be cast in an aoe
  • mobs – Enemies / mobile monsters was the original term in EQ but everyone calls them mobs. Mobile monsters meaning monsters that walked around that would aggro you
  • oom – Out of mana – Spirit healers may still use this as it’s more common meaning they can’t heal because they’re out of the resource they need to cast heal spells
  • oos – Out of spirit (healers usually need spirit in this game to heal, spirit is the green bar)
  • pst – Please send /tell to me
  • toon – A character / players avatar. When you’re playing one of your classes, you’re on your toon
  • qft – Quoted for truth
  • sec – Give me a sec
  • smh – Shaking my head
  • sow – Spirit of Wolf – This was a movespeed spell in EQ
  • ty – Thank you
  • tyfp – Thank you for party
  • wysiwyg – What you see is what you get
  • yolo – You only live once
  • r – Ready (If you’re party lead, it’s probably faster to ask if anyone is not ready)
  • y – Yes
  • n – No
  • nr – Not ready


Currently as soon as you start casting a spell, you get aggro as if that spell landed, so keep this in mind in higher level dungeons because you’ll get deleted if you don’t let the tank get initial aggro first.

Spirit is the slowest resource to regen. Most heals and buffs use spirit. So it’s advisable to bring spirit pots and/or get + spirit regen gear if you’re constantly out of spirit (usually healers). Mana and hp regen really fast when out of combat, but not spirit currently. Maybe it’ll change in the future.

When you defeat a boss and the loot pops up, if you go back to town, the loot stays with you. So if your bag is full, you can bring the loot to town, sell what you need or put in the bank, and then loot the overflow until the timers run out that is. Remember to upgrade your bag when you can afford it. And remember to buy your spell upgrades.

If you’re an altaholic like me, and you want to transfer some gold to alts, the best way I know besides trading with friends, is to put gear you’re going to sell on your highest toon into the bank, then grab it with your alts and sell it.

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  1. Great job! You hit all the important ones. One thing I’d add is to turn on Fast Destroy in Settings|Interface. This enables you to hold CTRL and click on items you want to destroy in your inventory (to make room for loot, for instance, in a dungeon.)

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