New World – Some Crafting Tips

Crafting in New World

When you arrive at Aeternum, you will begin crafting tools to progress your trade and craft skills, you will eventually be able to gather, refine and craft many powerful things.

Like most concepts you will have consumables, equipment, gems and even furniture. Depending on your class and your end game goals, your craft will be key.

Best logical path, divide and conquer. Find your self a good strong active Company. Pick a craft and engage with your fellow members. Share what you can craft and they will do the same.

Normally a tank or melee DPS class chooses some form of equipment/weapon craft and gem/jew craft. While a healer class usually goes for consumables and possibly Arcanist. We do know that an advanced Arcanist has a chance to produce extra Healing Tinctures with yields greater than 30% in efficiency.

All is still on the hush-hush, and there aren’t much information. Hopefully the upcoming private stress test will shed some light and allow us to practice some form of crafting. I look forward to when we can, share more in dept content on best practices and strategies that i have learned on my decades of MMO crafting progression.

Remember, share your craft with your members and together your company will have a statistical advantage in game.

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