New World – Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners in New World

Use your map and compass to find resources

The first tip on this list is how to effectively use your map to find resources. The game does a pretty good job of introducing to you the basic elements when starting out using the main story quest. What it doesn’t tell you though, is how you can utilize your map and compass to find your way around the game world. For starters, the map can be opened by default with the hotkey ‘M’. On the left hand side, you’ll find four tabs. The second tab “Resource Locations” provides information on which biomes different resources can be found within the territory. Each biome type has a sample of what the pattern looks like on the map, so you can zoom in on the map to see the biome, then right click and set a waypoint. Once you set the waypoint, the compass on the top of your screen will indicate the direction and distance you need to travel to arrive at your waypoint. In addition to waypoints and quest markers on the compass, once you reach a certain level for your gathering trade skills, you’ll automatically begin to track the different resources. The resources will show up as icons on your compass when you are nearby. This is especially useful for finding what you need to complete your project board quests.

Get all the quests in your area

There are several types of quests in new world. You have your main quests, faction missions, town projects, and recipes. Although you can only pin, or track 3 quests at a time, you can pick up as many as are available (up to 30), and they all show up as indicators on your map. Oftentimes you’ll end up getting multiple quests that require you to kill X of a certain mob, and sometimes these will be the same mob, so you can save a lot of time and effort in these cases. The different types of quests grant different rewards as well. Faction missions earn you faction points that can be used to redeem potions and better gear as you progress and level up your rank with the faction. Town project quests allow you to aid in the development of the settlement, which results in improved crafting structures, and gain better territory standing. Territory standing allows you to claim perks for the area you’re in, such as increased XP gain, decreased taxes, etc. One important fact to note is that for certain quests, if you die or use your recall, the progress of the quests will be reset or forfeited.

Recall and fast travel

There is a way to fast travel in New World. However, it’s actually quite limited. By following the main questline, you’ll automatically be checked in to an Inn at some point. This allows you to open your map and click to recall to that location once every hour. When casted, the recall takes a few seconds and your body slowly disappears as if you are being summoned to the selected location. In addition to recalling, you also have the option to Fast Travel between settlements that you’ve visited before by paying Azoths, which can be acquired when killing the corrupted. However, as mentioned previously though, restrictions apply to fast traveling and recalling as well, as certain quests will be reset or abandoned by using it and you also can’t use it when encumbered.


If you’re like me and you like to gather anything and everything you run into, you’ll probably be encumbered at some point. There is a weight system in New World and it is very unforgiving if you go beyond your available carrying capacity. For starters, you can open your inventory and sort by weight to see how much every item stack weighs. At the top of your inventory you’ll also see a bar and a number indicating your current capacity and the max weight you can hold. When you’re encumbered, you can’t sprint, use skills, spells, or dodge. You also can’t recall or fast travel, so you’ll be forced to either tough it out and walk all the way back to a storage, or drop your goodies and hopefully come back for them later. However, your attack speed is still the same and you can still block, so if you get jumped by a monster or player, you do still have a fighting chance. Additionally, you are able to get around the skill restriction by using a basic light or heavy attack, then cancelling the animation with a skill cast. This could be a bug in the preview, but if it isn’t it can save you in a pinch.

Learn as many weapon skills as you can

In New World, there isn’t a class system. You learn skills by using a weapon and gaining weapon experience. You can mix and match different weapons to make your character into the class you want to play, like a plate wearing fire mage that can turn into an axe hacking berserker at a moment’s notice. Each weapon has two skill trees, with 3 active skills per tree that you can invest points into, for a total of six active skills per weapon. However, you can only use 3 skills at any given time, and the cooldowns for the skills are shared across weapon types. Meaning if you swap from a sword to a bow, and use all of your cooldowns, then when you swap back, all of your skills will be on cooldown.

Take the time to get at least 2-3 skill points for every weapon, since every weapon serves a purpose in the game, such as when you’re providing support using the life staff, or aoe damage using the fire staff in a war. In addition, the staves have an active teleport skill that you can learn at level 2 which can speed up traveling from place to place.

Salvage, salvage, salvage, so you can repair, repair, repair

Tip number six is to salvage everything you don’t need. Keeping one of every weapon on you is good practice, but any extras that you get that have lower gear score or worse enchantments should be salvaged for raw materials and repair parts. In New World, your gear has durability that gradually decreases over time, or rapidly decreases when you die. In order to repair your gear, you will need repair parts that you earn from salvaging gear, and a little bit of gold. Each death causes your gear to break up to half of its durability so it is absolutely vital that you always salvage gear that you don’t need so you have enough to repair when the time comes.

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