Nexomon: Extinction – Status Effects

Status effect explanations…

Status Effects

  • Bind: Mon cannot swap or flee, deals 8% max hp each turn
  • Burn: Deals 8% max hp each turn, unlimited duration
  • Confuse: 35% chance each turn to stop skill use, deals 8% max hp if procs
  • Curse: Skills used are treated as “Not Effective”
  • Demotivate: 50% chance each turn to stop skill use
  • Frail: Receive 30% additional skill damage from ‘Normal/non elemental’ type attacks
  • Freeze: Complete stun lock for duration, 30% chance to unfreeze each turn. Mons who are frozen and use a fire skill break freeze (don’t bother trying to freeze fire mons)
  • Hex: Deals 12% max hp each turn
  • Inception: Only works vs sleeping mon, deals 15% max hp. Removed on wake up
  • Invincible: Cannot be dealt damage for duration
  • Leech: Deals 10% max hp each turn and heals opponent (even if opponent is not the original leech user)
  • Nervous: 60% chance to fail skill use if repeating a skill
  • Paralyze: 30% chance each turn to stop skill use
  • Planted: Cannot swap or flee, heals 10% max hp each turn (bugged, does not currently replenish stamina as listed)
  • Poison: Deals 10% max hp each turn, unlimited duration
  • Provoke: Unable to apply status ailments
  • Puzzle: Mons must repeat the same skill used the turn it is applied else they fail to use any skill
  • Recover: Heal 8% max hp each turn
  • Sick: Reduces healing from healing skills to 0
  • Sleep: Unable to use skills, direct damage skills never miss against sleeping mons
  • Survive: Cannot go below 1hp while active
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