NieR Replicant – Fixes to Issues

Here are a list of fixes I found for the issues I ran into trying to get my game to run.


Low FPS when trying to play with controller

Right click game > Properties > Controller > Disable Steam Input.

Game crashing after intro cutscene

Play in windowed mode and do not disable vsync in your graphics card settings. I had the performance mode off in settings also but I don’t know if that made a difference, I’m pretty sure it had to do with vsync being disabled and/or not being in windowed mode. After the time skip and you can save you can reenable full screen. I had issues with borderless so probably avoid that for now.

Game physics are running fast

Cap your max framerate in your graphics card settings to 60 fps.

Pulsing lighting

Disable performance mode or Ambient Occlusion.

Can’t close the game/Game crashed and can’t restart it

Restart steam.

NPC I need to talk to disappears

Enter a loading zone and come back. If you can’t you have to reload a save.

Created by Xray_Doc

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