Nightingale – How to Hunt Fabled Creatures

Useful Tips for Hunting Fabled Creatures that Run Away

When you open chests and break down fae barrels through out the game, you can get ammunition that has effects like poison, fire, ice.

Whether you’re using guns or a slingbow, using these effects strategically could help a lot. I like to use poison bullets on running fabled creatures.

Also, stealth and stealth bonuses on your gear – crouching you can start to approach them. if from the right direction you can get all the way into melee.

Try to get heart shots every time! It does a lot more damage than a headshot. If you can’t one shot down at that point, keep playing the game and progress until you get a material for a gun strong enough to one shot them.

You can use the spell assassin site to highlight their hearts.

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