Nightmare of Decay – Dungeon: Tips and Tricks

Hello Gamerz, I wrote this guide in my free time, I saw the low achievement %. I hope that can help if you have trouble in the dungeon.

Tips on Weapons

Here is the winning run I did for you, heavily edited, got good heal drop and 0 mimics.

Here is the firsts run I did, you can see how I dealt with bad heal drop and lots of mimics.

For convenience I will use P for pistol ammo, SG for shotgun and M for magnum.

This first section resume how you should manage the run.

Pistol and Machine gun deal the same if not really close damage.

  • 1 shotgun ≈ 7 pistol
  • 1 magnum ≈ 15 pistol ≈ 2 shotgun
  • 1 rocket ≈ 2 shotgun
  • 1 dynamite ≈ a little less then 1 rocket

Rocket and dynamite have really close area of effect.

There is a minimum of 2 secret caches per floor.

Heal > ammo, use ammo whenever you can, heal cost 80 points, its 16 zomb.

  • At the floor 1 shop, buy a machete, the crit chance is 85% on charge attack, 25% on “quick” Don’t buy any ammo and clear floor 2
  • At floor 2 shop, buy the magnum and 1 set of ammo for it, save it fort he boss.
  • Floor 3 mimics start to appear, if you use the pistol be ready to run when they charge.
  • For the floor 4 you can stay with the pistol/machete if you need to buy healing, as there is only demon and skeleton that appear and even agains 2 of them you can shot them without being hit.
  • At floor 5 spiders and satyr spawn, you need more dps, machine gun is perfect for it, I don’t recommand the shotgun as is dps will leave you hurt agains 2 quick enemies. Pistol is risky against them, you can use it for the spearman.
  • At floor 6 armor skeleton appear, in group use the magnum to 1 shot them, in solo pistol can do the trick
  • Floor 8 cultist and knight appear, use pistol again solo cultist by huging a wall , or hide behind a corner to blow them up with SG or machinegun. For knight use 3 M head shot of 2 and pistol/machinegun.
  • Floor 9, regeneradores, aim for legs and kill it with whatever you got, or just use everything on his torso to not miss anything, he can grab you if he got his arms.
  • Floor 10, boss, go to corresponding section.

Infos on Basic Enemies and Resistance

Zombies and dogs only at floor 1 and 2

  • Zombie: Can be killed in 8 P in the head, they have good crit resistance
  • Dogs: Die in 4 P, 3 if you manage to hit the head once. They can easily be crit

Ghoul/vampire and mimic begin appearing at floor 3

  • Goul: Can be killed in 5 quick P, body or head, staggered they can’t fight back if you shot quickly at close range. Be carreful of their ability to dodge if you use a SG, they can more easily than zombies be crit
  • Mimic: Take 3 well aimed SG shots or 19 P / 1 M and 3/4 P

Demon and skeleton appear at floor 4

  • Demon: Can be killed in 5 P, they have no dodge, have medium crit resist
  • Skeleton: Can’t be crit, they die in 5 P, can wield shield that you can partially destroy with 2 P, saber that attack quickly, long swords that you must be really carefull with thanks to their high reach.

Spiders and satyr appear in floor 5

  • Spiders: They can’t be crit, die in 10 P or 1 SG and 3 P Have a really quick attack when they lift their front paws you have to run away or kill them. Their venom range attack can deal a big amount of damage
  • Satyr: They wield spear for medium damage and axe for a bigger amount Axe satyrs have a charge attack, they can be crit for medium chance.

Armoured skeleton appear in floor 6

  • Double the hp, 10 P/ 2 SG or 1 M to deal with the shield bearer

Cultist and knights appear in floor 8

  • Cultis: Only the pistol wearers are here, 5 P or 1 good SG, i’m not sure of the crit resist, low ?
  • Knights: 5 M, in the head: 3 M or 2M and 1 SG I don’t know if there is difference between the 2 melee version, range are weaker.


  • 9 SG, about 63 65 P, 4/5 M, i’m not sure Like zombies, without arms they can’t grab you but use a regular bite short range attack. i have no idea if dismembering them impact the hp, I don’t think. Can easily be dismembered even with a couple of P.

Tips on Bosses

Bosses appear at level 3 6 and 10

  • The floor 3 and 6 have the same if not really close hp 11 M body shot / 5 M head shot.
  • I recommand you getting a magnum for the floor 3.
  • Tactic: Don’t be exhausted ever, aim for the head, or the torso if you use the machine gun, time your reload by turning your back to the boss when he runs at you, when he stops to attack you, run for 1 s and reload.

Like for the satyr spearman, you have to look to the side and run to dodge the Butcher knife throw, for the Demon Lord, you have to sprint back because of his large flame area of cover.

Last boss: around 25M head shot.

  • I recommand you M for his fast dps (30 bullets), rocket laucher to deal with his spawn minion (5), and heal (8), you should be good with this number.
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