NiGHTS into Dreams… – How to Remove Backups That Won’t Delete

How to get rid of a file that won’t let you delete it after backup.

Guide to Remove Backups

How to Remove the File

So this game and some others on steam have a tendency to not want to delete after making a backup. This game and F.E.A.R. did this to me, what happens is you backup the game, it tells you its corrupted, can’t be moved, can’t be deleted, can’t do nothing with it.

But you can get rid of it, with dos prompts. But there is a much simpler and easier way.

Simply download this free program and follow these steps.

Take any backups you want to keep out of your backup folder and put them somewhere else for the time being (Nights is not in my folder cause I used the program to remove it).

Once the folder is empty go to add folder.

Add the steam backup folder and remove, the program would not actually remove fear1 file, but it will delete the backup folder which removed fear1.

And that’s it simple and easy way to remove the bonked backup. I tried unlocker, and dos prompts and none of that worked but this wonderful program did.

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