Nioh 2 – List of Bosses

Boss Guide (List of Bosses)

Bosses are special enemies found at the end of a mission in Nioh 2. These enemies will have their own, isolated, arenas and a large health bar, and are comprised of both human and Yokai opponents. They also have a myriad of attacks and abilities. Unlike minibosses, the Bosses you encounter will often change their tactics as the fight progresses, and can be very difficult to overcome.

Consult the list below to find out how best to take on the toughest bosses in Nioh 2, learn their movesets, and where they are found.

Bosses are in this case considered enemies found at the end of Main Mission areas, that once defeated, force an end to the mission. They appear below in order of appearance and do not appear anywhere else other than as the end of mission enemy.

Note: For Sub Missions, some standard Yokai are used as mini bosses to conclude the area.

Boss NameMission EncounteredMission Level
MezukiThe Village of the Cursed Blossoms1
EneraThe Beast Born of Smoke and Flame8
Yatsu-no-KamiThe Viper’s Sanctum15
Imagawa YoshimotoThe Hidden Monsters of Okehazama21
KamaitachiThe Mysterious One Night Castle28
Saito YoshitatsuThe Hollow Fortress33
TatarimokkeA Way Out38
Magara NoatakaCorpses and Ice44
Azai NagamasaBird in a Cage49

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