No Man’s Sky – Better FPS in VR

Tried and true method for getting better FPS in VR.


Want better FPS in VR but have tried all of the other settings tweaks everyone else suggests? This will work better. By replacing your openvr_api.dll file with the OpenFSR modded version downloaded from Github here you will improve the performance of the game increasing frame rates and reducing reprojection ratios.

Download the latest release “Image Upscaling via FSR or NIS for SteamVR games v2.1.1”


Navigate to your No Man’s Sky installation folder. Mine is located here:

  • D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\No Man’s Sky

Rename openvr_api.dll to openvr_apiOLD.dll for backup purposes.

Drop the contents of into the folder.

You’re done. Enjoy the improved performance.

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