No Man’s Sky – [Fix] Repeat 16 Bug (Endurance Update)

Quick manual fix for new Repeat 16 bug on new Endurance saves.

Save Editor

Use the GoatFungus save editor available on GitHub.


This is a manual fix for the new “Repeat 16” bug affecting new Endurance saves.

I use the GoatFungus editor available on GitHub.

  1. Open your save w/the editor
  2. Under the Edit menu, select “Edit Raw JSON”
  3. Expand “PlayerStateData”
  4. Expand “MissionProgress”
  5. Locate ID [61]
  6. This Mission should be named: “^TUT_BASEBUILD” <- if not, find this mission
  7. Change the “Progress”:163 to 164
  8. Close and save
  9. Choose “Save Changes” button

Load your save in the game and progress the mission as normal.

Created by Geldric

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  1. So, the Fix worked really well. But is my understanding correct, that i can never talk to the different merchants on the station or i get stuck again?!

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