No Man’s Sky – How to Get 4 Superchaged Slots

Step by step guide, using the Save editor in order to manipulate the ship’s seed and get 4 SC slots in a ■ shape.

Portal Glyphs & Where to Get the Correct Ship

Use these ← portal glyphs [Euclid Galaxy ~ Survival, but it should work on Normal too]

Go to the space station, wait till an A class ship like this ↑ , with the exact Sc slots layout lands, just get it of course. Note -> the v1 it’s not on the original ship’s name, it just an edit that I’ve done while testing the method.

Save Editor Seed Manipulation

Open the save editor, in that section, replace the default Seed with this one 0x5EEDC0DE6C2BD580

Now you’ve got two options, make it an S class at the ship’s terminal or just do it via the Editor.

Save and reload the game, once upgraded to an S class the ship will have this layout ↓

From now on, the 4 Sc slots will be locked, clearly, you can now use the editor to apply a different seed/look, and get more damage and/or maneuverability.

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