No Man’s Sky – How to Get Credits, Building Parts, Inventory Upgrades, Nanites and More

This guide should help you earn all the fame and fortune you want. Credits, building parts, inventory upgrades, nanites and more. I explain what to do to get them, you figure out how you want to use this information.


I have a bit over 100 hours between console and PC version. Yup, I’m a noob still, but it took a while to put things together to do them in a more efficient way. That is how I hope this guide will help you.

First and foremost: Play NMS the way you want! It is your game, take time and enjoy it. There is so much to see and no hurry. You can’t WIN, you can only have fun.

Some of the following sections can be used together to further you progress if you apply them together.

How to Get Units (Credits, Money)

Everyone needs cash, the secret in NMS to me, Chlorine. One Chlorine and 2 Oxygen makes 6 Chlorine. Chlorine averages about 600 units each. A full stack is 6 million. You can put 700 Chlorine and 1400 Oxygen in a refiner for the max of 4095 per run of 4 minutes. So one refiner = 2 mil / 3 refines = 6 mil in 4 minutes. Scale this up how you want.

So you say you can’t find Chlorine or its too expensive to buy. Well buy only a few and refine it up to more. Or better, mine a bunch of Salt and refine it into Chlorine! 2 Salt = 1 Chlorine. Not a lot of work there.

But wait, I need Oxygen, right? At first, gather all you can. If you have money, buy it at a space station. But eventually you want to build a base that is next to an oxygen and power field on a planet. Oxygen appears on every planet and so does power. Use the survey scanner to find them. Build a base that has a large oxygen mine and perpetual power and make it as large as you want.

But you say you don’t have blueprints for all the base parts! Read on my friend.

How to Get Nanites

Nanites are easy but boring to acquire. Kill all the fauna you can. You will get Mordite and some kind of meat. We only want the meat, anything else you can do with what you want.

You will need a nutrient processor. If you don’t have one, see the blueprint section to get one fast.

You want to put half the meat in one slot and the other half in another slot and make Mystery Meat Stew. Take your Mystery Meat Stew up to the Anomaly and on the right side you will find Cronus. Feed him stew in exchange for nanites.

How to Get Inventory Slots (Upgrades)

Backpack inventory slots needs units to purchase, and a lot to finish all slots. Hope you were paying attention to the Chlorine refining. If so, you will be all set.

What I did not know was you can get two slots in most systems. One from the space station and one at the Anomaly. Each time you call the Anomaly into a new system a new slot will be available in the back at the backpack vendor. So anytime you go to a new system you should be checking the space station and Anomaly for more slots. You can pick inventory, tech or cargo slots to upgrade.

How to Get Building Blueprints

Building blue prints require salvage data. You get this from digging up buried technology. Once you get your terrain manipulator, you can start hunting these with you scanner.

Simply land, scan, mark and hoof it over to the dig spot. Rinse and repeat. Don’t worry about how far you are from your ship, you can always call it to you. You did know that part, right? In the menu where you charge your tools you can call your ship as long as it has launch fuel. Keep the launch thrusters fueled so you can always call your ship. Get the upgrade that refills the fuel as soon as you can. You will never have to worry about fuel for the thrusters again.

Also, if you out away from your ship and a storm is coming, simply dig a hole and get in it. Once it is deep enough you will stop taking damage to your shield. It will not recharge like inside a structure but it will stop going down very fast in the storm. This will give you time to call your ship after the storm is over.

In the Anomaly at the back is the building vendor. You can buy all building parts from them with salvage data.

How to Get Ship Inventory Slots

I like the buying and scrapping of ships at the space station to get the ship upgrade slots.

This is a process by which you buy a ship at the station and turn right around and scrap it . You will lose part of your cash but it is cheaper to do this than buy the upgrades straight out. You were paying attention about the Chlorine, right?

How to Get Portal Glyphs

Any time you go to a new space station you should be on the lookout for travelers. These guys are the ones that have a glow to them and are labeled as Travelers most times. Talk to them and pick an answer. Then talk to them a second time and pick “Ask where they are from” (100 Nanites) and they will give you a marker for their grave. You have been feeding Cronus for the nanites, right?

Fly to the location of the grave, talk to the traveler and you will get a portal glyph.


This should help you get most things you need. You are on your own to get Quicksilver, you will have to earn that.

Once you have a stash of cash, you can buy the basic resources at space stations, trading posts and from other ship Captains. You will not have to grind the mining to get resources.

So here is my trick to efficiency:

  • Go to the Anomaly Portal.
  • Travel to any players base you see.
  • Once there check out their base.
  • Mine any resource you may want.
  • Fly up to the space station.
  • Touch the portal if you want to record the location, but don’t go any where yet.
  • Get a backpack slot.
  • Purchase any upgrades for ship, multi-tool or backpack you want.
  • Look for a Traveler.
  • Leave the space station.
  • Go to the Travelers grave if you found one. Leave the planet.
  • Call the Anomaly into the system.
  • Enter Anomaly
  • Go to the back and get a backpack upgrade.
  • Go to the Anomaly Portal and repeat.

This should help you get pretty comfortable and you can now follow any and all quests you want and travel and explore the universe. Check out the Portal Exchange for places to go to get ships and multi-tools. Take random portal jumps and see where you end up. You can always get home.

Be sure you are having fun, it is your game, your universe and your time. Enjoy!

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