No Man’s Sky – How to Get Rich Super Fast

The fastest & easiest way to become a billionaire in No Man’s Sky!

Cobalt Mining

At the beginning of the game, you can find any cave and get Cobalt from stalagmites and stalactites (stone icicles).

1 stack of cobalt sells ~ 2 million credits.

Sounds good, but time consuming, so we will not dwell on this method.

Suitable only in the very early stages of the game.

Refiners and Oxygen

For real money making process we need Refiners and Oxygen

Up to 3 medium and 2 large refiners can be placed on each base, small ones do not suit us because we need 2 processing slots.

You can fly into freighters and look for them there, but it’s better to just buy blueprints at Anomaly.


Oxygen can be bought at stations in trade terminals and from arriving pilots.

Or mine it yourself with a gas extractor.

To do this, you need to install the Survey Device module for your Multitool, find a planet with an atmosphere and look for points with oxygen, and then put a gas extractor on them and connect Supply Depot to it.

It sounds a little complicated, but it will save you a lot of time flying to and from the station, and you can recycle resources without leaving your base until you run out of inventory slots.

Ionized Cobalt

Further, everything is quite simple, we process Cobalt into Ionized Cobalt.

We open the menu of our refineries, in one slot we put Ionized Cobalt in another Oxygen.

So we multiply our cobalt by 6 and just sell it.

Each stack will bring us about 4 million.


Chlorine can be obtained from stones or by processing Salt or bought at the trading terminal or from pilots.

The process itself is no different from the processing of Cobalt.

We put Chlorine in one slot, Oxygen in the other and multiply the amount of Chlorine by 6 times.

Each stack will bring us about 6 million.

Activated Indium

Activated indium mining is the most profitable method, but it requires an Indium Hyperdrive to get to the blue systems, the Survey Device to find the Activated Indium mining point, Mineral Extractor to mine it and Supply Depot for storage.

Blueprints for all devices are bought at Anomaly.

Jump through systems, scan planets, look for a planet with activated indium, land on it and look for a mining point through the survey device.

How much it will generate per hour depends on the level of the point, the minimum C is 40%, the maximum S is 100%.

When you find it, put the extractor in place with the maximum percentage and connect storage to it and some source of energy.

You can build a bath of extractors for more production.

After that, we simply collect the extracted activated indium and sell it, preferably to pilots not through a trading terminal, so you can always sell it at a high price and collect your Billions.

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