No More Room in Hell – Objective Map Walkthrough

Stuck on a map and don’t know where to go? This guide will be a great reference for objectives and how to complete them.


Set in a large underground metro before going topside to a hospital.

Cut through the shutter

Grab your supplies and get ready for the trip. When ready, break open the wood beam blocking the door with a weapon and stand clear. Be careful of the doors being blocked by the zombies, it can be tricky to slowly dislodge each one. You can avoid this issue by breaking the beam early.

Find the welder located randomly in one of the trains, look for the purple glow. With the welder in hand, proceed to the end of the station and use the welder on the gate lock.

Extinguish the fire

Proceed down the tunnel as normal and keep an eye out for loot. If you find a fire extinguisher, take it, you will need it.

When you get to the sewers, be careful of the current pushing zombies towards you. You can break the boxes blocking your way and watch the zombies get pushed.

Once you climb up and out of the sewers, a hall will lead to a railroad and a train will crash in a fiery explosion. Runners like to spawn here, so be careful. You should have the fire extinguisher by now. With it equipped, use the secondary fire (default right click) and hold down the primary fire (default left click). Be careful not to stand too close as you extinguish the fire.

Break down the barricade

Follow the tracks, a horde tends to be here. Down far enough and you’ll see a tunnel in yellow light, go down there as the tracks are blocked by a train. Proceed through and back onto another set of tracks. On your right is a medicine box, grab it if you can bring it with you. On the left is the path forward. At the very end of the tracks is a wooden barricade, destroy it.

Raise the gate

Keep going through the maintenance area, and you will soon find yourself to the metro again. Head through the tunnel and up the stairs into a gift shop square. Note the electrical box on the right side wall by a big gate. To open it, head to the stairs on the other side reading “Eastbound”. You will be faced with a tunnel and likely many zombies, open fire and make a path through. You will find a key in a closet at the end here, grab it and bring it back to the gate. It should fit in automatically, and you can now press the button to raise the gate.

Exit the subway station

Keep going and loot anything you find. If you have a cutting torch, you can open a gate just right of the escalators. Your reward: a big FEMA supply crate. Likewise, to the far left on top of the escalators a FEMA medicine crate can be found. The exit is to the right and will lead you topside.

Climb the fence with a ladder

Be careful of the crowd of zombies up top. Note “St. Sebastian Hospital” just ahead of you, you’ll be going there soon. Head left and down the street, the fence in question is up ahead, and the fence is found inside the impound lot. The door to “Crunden Martin” is blocked, go around the back. Once inside, you can take the ladder from the office and remove the chair blocking the front door. There’s a supply duffel bag in the ladder room, take anything you need before you leave.

Ladder in tow, head back out and to the right of the bus you should see a wall with a ladder glowing for you to place it. The street to your right is a dead end.

Torch through the parking garage

Climb up the ladder, note this is a one-way drop. Follow the alley where you path branches, they both lead to the next area. You will soon find a gun shop, a great place to loot. Unfortunately none have ammo, if you find any ammo your guns can use, check it by holding reload (default R). It also contains a cutting torch for you to open the parking garage with right at the front. Cut the garage gate open.

Unlock the hospital doors

Proceed forward, the left path is a dead end. Keep going and you’ll find yourself out of the garage and outside. Take a left, then another left to find a glowstick key at the sidewalk of a shopping center. Go back to the street and you should see the hospital on your left. Also, you will see an RV, this is your rescue vehicle, take note of it for later. Take the keys and place them on the door. Zombies can crowd the door preventing it from opening. Try to do this quickly so this is prevented, otherwise your group will sit here waiting to slowly dislodge each one while fending off the parking lot zombies.

Find keys to the recreational vehicle

Zombies don’t appear in the hospital, besides the initial ones anyway, you can breathe a little easier. You will find the keys at the other end of the hospital bathroom. From the entrance, take a right down the hall, open the first door on the left. Walk through to the other side’s hall and on your left is the bathroom. Take these keys to the RV and a cutscene will play. Get inside before the RV drives off into the distance. You can still catch up if you are left behind, at least for a short while.

  • Completing Anxiety awards the “Exposure Therapy” achievement.


Set on a foggy pier, this community level makes a strong introduction to the game with high visibility and easy to follow paths.

Make Your Way to the Safehouse

At the beginning you will have a randomized split path to take, across the boards or right and through the alleys. Proceed forward while searching for any supplies in the stores. At the end of the alleyway you will find a hole in the pier leading forward. Proceed with caution as zombies can easily corner you into a dark space. Do not duck for cover into the stairs on your right, they are a dead end. Proceed to the very end of the path to find the end of this objective.

Sometimes you will be lead to a department store. This is the only official map with a machine gun, which is found on the way to this store. Pick up the ammo box behind it and attach it to the gun and use it to enter the firing mode. Press your use key again to exit, or look over 180 degrees away.

Find a Key to Open the Door

There’s a barricaded door in the dining area, destroy the boards with a melee weapon and proceed into the garden outside. Straight ahead will be a US Army crate that will need time to open. Clear the area of infected before opening to find a key inside. You must grab this key and walk to the glowing door away from the bar. Walk into the door with the key in hand and you will complete the objective.

Use the Radio to Call for Help

In this building is a radio at the far end of the reception room. Call for an SOS by interacting with the radio.


A large horde of infected will break through the main entrance windows. After some time doors will open leading back outside the pier.

Breach the Barricade

Outside the reception will be a path to the Observation. You will find a large man-made barricade requiring TNT to clear. To find this TNT, you must go below deck via a staircase around the reception building. Once you are below deck, follow the arrows to your destination. At the very end of this path will be TNT inside of a wheelbarrow. Grab it and return to the barricade. Place the TNT by simply walking up to the indicator and immediately clear the area for it to detonate.

Burn Away the Obstruction

Continue past the now destroyed barricade to find another barricade in your way. This time, a gas can indicator shows the part necessary to destroy it. You will see an arrow pointing down to return below deck. You can drop down not to return to where you found the TNT, but to backtrack to the fire barrel. You will see an arrow marking where a hole in the boards is that you may travel through.

Proceed and find a staircase at the end of the beach. At the top of the staircase is yet another barricade, yet this one can be destroyed by hand. Take down the boards, clear any zombies in the way, and proceed through. To your immediate right is a glowing padlock that requires a cutting torch to break open. If you do not have a welder, one can be found by traveling past the gazebo and down the boardwalk at the fenced area. There is also a crate filled with these you can open by the bench nearby.

With your welder in hand, walk up to the locked door and cut through the lock. Ensure it is safe to do so before cutting down the lock. Behind a fence on your left will be the gas can you need. Go around the fence, take the gas, and return to the barricade. As done previously, walk up to the indicator with the gas can in hand to place it down. Immediately clear the area as it will detonate quickly.

Light a Signal Fire

At the pier’s end is a fire pit, you’ll need to use the welder to light it. Hold secondary fire (right click by default) on it to signal for help, this cannot be interrupted.

Hold Out Until Help Arrives

With the signal flare lit, rescue will soon arrive. When it does, a cutscene will play.

Secure the Boardwalk. Wait for Evac

Clear the boardwalk of Infected. After some time, the rescue helicopter will arrive at the end of the pier. Be careful of your surroundings as the rescue cutscene occurs, as rarely zombies can kill you while control is taken away from you. You cannot reach the helicopter top-deck, you must head below down the pit and climb the rope at the end of the bottom path.

  • Completing Boardwalk awards the “Pass GO and Collect $200” achievement.

Broadway #1

Set in New York, a classic map that sets a great atmosphere for the entire game. Broadway has two major forks in objectives, skip to the header you begin with (Find the key or Break gate lock).

Find the key to the cinema backdoor

This and the following objectives may not appear in your playthrough. Grab any supplies you need, there’s a balcony upstairs with a sniper rifle to pick off zombies from above. When you’re ready to leave, there are two doors you exit through, one is barricaded and needs to be cleared with a melee. Head across the street to the cinema.

Inside, you’ll find a key in the women’s restroom. Bring it to the cinema, a bright blue light guides the entry. You are disarmed while carrying the key. Place the key on the door and give it a moment to open.

Find battery, power up truck

Proceed through the halls, alley, and back outside again. Duck into the building on your left for cover and supplies. It’s also where you’ll find the truck mentioned. The battery should be nearby out on the streets, it will be glowing. Take the battery to truck, open the front with your use key, and drop the battery on the right side.

Take propane to cafe

The truck’s back door will open with some propane inside. Escort at least one of these two propane tanks to the cafe on the other end of the street to Camilla’s diner. Move close to the fenced off door and place the canister to it. Immediately back off from the impending explosion.

Turn sprinklers ON

Move in and out of the diner to switch streets. Walk down the sidewalk, take note of the market on fire with a fire alarm inside. There’s an ambulance ahead, take a left where it is and to a side door. Now inside the market, use the alarm to set off the sprinklers. This allows access through the window. Skip to the last header for the next objective.

Break gate lock

This and the following objectives may not appear in your playthrough. Head right down the street and look for a police car, there’s a fence right across from it with a lock. Smack the lock open with a melee attack to open the gate.

Find a way to the basement

Head through the gate, break open another barricaded door with a melee, and proceed through some apartments. Follow the blue light upstairs, and be on the lookout for a canister glowing red, it randomly appears in one of the rooms. Once you find it, keep going through the carrot-colored halls. There is a turn at the end of these halls you may not notice, past the brightly lit dead end is a dark corner, go through it to find another turn to two white doors.

This will lead to the basement. With the canister in hand, proceed cautiously down and place the canister at the second double doors. Back away from the imminent explosion, you don’t have to shoot it.

Proceed to the bar, Find the key

Keep going further down, soon you’ll find a makeshift tunnel leading to another basement. Some keys are hiding conspicuously beneath a wooden staircase, go through the warmly lit side passage and retrieve them. Carry them upstairs and onto a door to open the bar, give it a moment.

Find lever for warehouse door

Move outside and across the street, there’s a gate with a lock on it next to the currently burning market. Take note of this, we’ll be returning here with the lever. For now, head left and into Camilla’s diner. The lever is upstairs in this diner. Find it in one of the rooms and carry it back outside to the lock. If you’re feeling crafty, drop it out the window and retrieve it from the street.

Back at the gate, smack the lock off with a melee if you haven’t already. Down the alley will be another double door set, place the lever beside it and press your use key on it to open the doors.

Gain entry to managers office and call for extraction

(If you came from the sprinklers, there is a door behind the checkout lane wall, use the gate button and go through) On the ground floor, you’ll find a manhandled paper with numbers on it. Memorize this, it will be a code to the managers (sic) office.

Use the computer (default key E) to call for a train car rescue. A cutscene will play signifying rescue’s arrival. Once it’s done, there’s a shortcut shutter on the far wall. Use it and get back outside the market to the station, look for a big staircase right across.. Get upstairs, catch a ride, and you’ll be home free.

  • Completing Broadway awards the “Box Office Hit” achievement.

Broadway #2

Sequel to Broadway, it takes place in deserted Mannhattan in the evening. Has plenty of variety and blending between objectives. Apologies for the information being spread everywhere.

Find a welder to exit the apartments

Head downstairs to the alley to find a welder at the far end. One can also be found on top one of the fire escapes. You can use this welder on either two glowing locks, though the smaller lock will open quicker. This process can be interrupted, and both paths lead to the same area.

Gain entry to the cinema

Initial map branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Head across the street and find the cinema, the doors are unlocked. Skip to the next objective header “Climb through toilet vents” or “Find a ladder, use it to climb through ceiling hole”.

Break boards to get in cinema side entrance

Initial map branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Across the street, there’s a cinema side door boarded up. Smack them off with a melee. Then, skip to “Use welder on stairs gate” header.

Go to the Hotel

Initial map branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Follow the rails above you, you’ll find Camilla’s diner and a hotel next to it. Head inside.

Go through basement door

Part of “Go to the Hotel”. Walk through the first door on your left.

Climb through toilet vents

Part of a branching objective. In the cinema are some toilets that have a precarious ladder placed inside. Climb (or jump up) the ladder and into the vent.

Find a ladder, use it to climb through ceiling hole

Back of the concession area, you’ll find a blasted out hole and a glowing ladder. Orient the ladder to fit through the hole and place it on the X. Skip to “Exit the cinema to the alleyway” header.

Climb through vents

Take note of the double ladder strategy with two ladders facing each other. It means you can keep climbing the ladder as you turn the other way. Head through and jump down the vent. Skip a couple headers down for “Find lever and go to the boiler room”.

Carry on through hotel

Part of “Go to the Hotel”. Some stairs are nearby for you to climb up, carry on as the objective says and you’ll soon find a passage with a big hole in the floor.

Go down hole to progress

Be careful of fall damage as you fall down, not to mention any zombies.

Go down hole to the sewers

Part of a branching objective. Be cautious not to miss the ladder as you move down.

Navigate the sewers

Heed the warning on the wall and watch your step in the water, your toes will be your 2nd worst enemy. Dual wield a flashlight and pistol if you have one for protection (press F by default for Flashlight with the pistol equipped). At the end you’ll find a door with a lock on it, weld it open (can be interrupted).

Make your way back to the streets

Part of “Navigate the sewers”. Climb upstairs and out the diner.

Go to basketball court

Take a right from the diner and look for an open gate near the intersection. Look for some green glowsticks to walk through the fence. Skip to “Survive for 2 minutes” header.

Use welder on stairs gate

(if from “Break boards to get in cinema side entrance”, just use the welder on the nearby beam). Keep going downstairs and into the cinema. Left of the popcorn machine is a door leading to some stairs. You’ll see a glowing beam asking for a welder. A welder can be found in the cinema if you do not have one.

Find lever and go to the boiler room

You’ll find a lever on the top floor in one of the rooms. Take the lever, place it on the glowing metal piece nearby and use it (default key E).

Find keys to open theater doors

(For previous branch routes: You need a welder to open the stairwell door. One can be found beside one of the double doorframes on the top floor.) You’ll find some keys in the cinema bathroom downstairs or in the food concessions. I never saw this in New York. Bring it the the glowing door beside it to open the door. Give it a moment to open once you do.

Exit the cinema to the alleyway

Follow the linear path outside.

Weld open alley gate

Branching path, may not be in your playthrough. With the welder from the upstairs, use the secondary fire on the alley gate found at the far end (can be interrupted).

Go to the basketball court through hole in fence

You’ll find a ladder to climb over the alley wall. Crouch under the rails at the top and fall down. It can be hard to spot otherwise, but the green glowing glowsticks show the hole in the fence.

Survive for 2 minutes

Hold out for an arbitrary amount of time until the next objective.

Find battery for the FastEx van in the garage

The battery tends to be in or beside the basketball court, not in the garage. Sometimes it’s on the street, check your compass (default key C) for a clue. Bring the battery to the garage near the ambulance. Once you’re inside, open up the van hood with your use key and place the battery on the right hand side.

Take a gascan to store rear entrance

Carry one of the gas cans to a nearby store, it will be a return trip past the basketball court and a left by the apartment block. Place the gas can to the door in the dark depressing alley and back off from the impending explosion.

Find Radio to call for help

Be wary of runners inside the store, angered by your explosive entrance. Once they’re down, head straight to find a radio glowing and use it. A distressed woman will tell you run to the rooftop for rescue before the government bombs the place.

Weld gate and get to the roof top for extraction

“5 minutes remaining until detonation” Follow your compass (default key C) for your bearings, you need to leave through the store’s main entrance with its doors barricaded. You can open them just find however. Head to the alley left of the hotel, you’ll see a glowing beam asking for a welder to cut it. Cut it with the welder’s secondary fire and head upstairs. By the time you get upstairs, you’ll see a downed helicopter that was meant to be your rescue.

Go down the fire escape to extract via the train

A cutscene plays showing rescue has arrived. Plan B, head down the fire escape and carefully maneuver to the train waiting for you.

Get back to the basketball court for extraction

A cutscene plays showing rescue has arrived. Plan C, back track the way you came to the basketball court, you can use the fire escape as a partial shortcut, jump down to the army truck, to the street. and keep going through the grocery store. Once at the court, climb the rope and be rescued.

  • Completing Broadway 2 awards the “Encore!” achievement.


Set in Brooklyn, New York with the Brooklyn Bridge as a landmark.

Use the key to unlock the cell door

Grab the key from the fallen soldier and move it towards the locked door. Your next objective is randomized and may not appear in your playthrough.

Locate the keycode for holding area gate

Initial branch objective, may not appear in your playthrough. There’s a computer in one of the rooms right of the initial cell, hold your use key on the keyboard to get an access code. Return to the main lobby and punch in the code on the blue glowing keycode.

Find the fuse and restore power to the elevator

Proceed through the holding area. On your way, take note of the powerbox glowing blue, you’ll be returning here with a fuse. The fuse can be found in one of the rooms ahead. Don’t miss on the meeting room doors just beside the main entrance to the police department. Once you find the fuse, return to the powerbox and plug it into place.

Find the welder to access garage door release

Be alert that the elevator will contain zombies when it arrives. Once it’s clear, do a headcount of everyone, and use the elevator to head down. Anyone left behind can call it back up. The welder will somewhere in this parking garage, use your compass (default key C) for a clue as a red blip, it’s typically far left. Then head towards the exit with the lock glowing blue and use the welder’s secondary fire (right click by default) on it. You can interrupt this process without losing progress. Hit the revealed button when you’re done. Leads to “Break off lock”.

Disengage Sally port lock

Initial branch objective, may not appear in your playthrough. Hold the use key on the computer keyboard that’s glowing red.

Use the I.E.D. to blow out the precinct window

Move through the garage and to the nearby office, there’s an explosive can in there. Carry it through the halls, soon enough you’ll meet two doors, open them with your use key. Then, place the can on the window glowing blue to blow it up, stand back before it explodes.[/h1]

Break off the lock

Press forward around the corner and climb up the ambulance. Drop below the wall and break the glowing lock with a melee attack.

Break out of the apartment block

Walk upstairs to find a barricaded window, smack it with a melee to open it up. This will lead to different potential objectives with Mickey, an NPC.

Attach the hook so Mickey can pull down the fence

Branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Mickey, the man in the van, needs a hook attached to his van. You can find the hook outside across the street, use your compass for a clue (default key C). When you get it, he’ll be outside waiting for you to place the hook onto the fence. Mickey will then drag the fence off.

Push the car out of the way, clear the path

Proceed through the fence and walk forward into the front of the glowing car. Once it reaches halfway, you may need to walk into it from the driver’s side to move.

Find the extinguisher and put out the street fire

The extinguisher is found right of the quarantine sign down an offramp. Take it and use it on the street fire nearby.

Find the padlock and help Mickey lock the door

Dead survivors will respawn reaching this objective. Behind Mickey is a padlock on the far wall, grab it and bring it to the door handle.

Find the outpost and override the lockdown

The outpost is in a grocery store, keep going down the path and look for a “gast” graffiti, it’s in the door with a blue light inside. A cutscene will play of the van moving past the quarantine fence, return here and run into the back of the van to be rescued. The objectives after this are from a different branch objective.

Push the cart

There’s a cart across the street, open the garage door with the button and head out there. Push the cart with your large body by eloquently jamming your face into the back.

Loot the water

There’s water visible in the basement, grab it and bring it back to the cart. The objective returns to “Push the cart”.

Loot the food

Left of the cart is a grocery store, loot some food inexplicably left inside and back to the famished cart. The objective returns to “Push the cart”.

Loot the fuel

Right of the cart, there’s fuel inside the truck trailer. Climb up the crate, grab the fuel, and appease the cart with your loot.

Push the cart to meet Mickey

Keep pushing the tiny cart.

Load up the van

Bring your cart’s bounty into the back of the larger cart-like van.

Reconnect the power cable for the quarantine gate

Down the ramp and into the tunnel, you can reconnect a cable with a powerbox. A cutscene will play, and you must run to the back of the van for rescue. Follow the offramp and jump into the back to be rescued.

  • Completing Brooklyn awards the “County of Kings” achievement.


A cabin in the middle of the woods, lots of interior spaces to explore with the occasional trip outside to the dead of night.

Break out of the attic

At the end of the attic is a newspaper board persumably of people gone missing while the infection broke out. You will see boards covering a trap door leading below the attic, break them to open the trap door and breach through. Take caution of zombies just below and out of sight.

Break planks to proceed

Proceed through the dark hallway and you will see a boarded up glowing door. Break them to proceed.

Family is the answer, find the secret book

Continue down the halls, past the fireplace, and to your right is a table with candles on top. Head through the door beyond this and into the TV room with a family portrait on the wall beside the TV. Break the portrait, open the lock, and take the book.

Enter the book into the shelf

With the book in hand, return back to the hallway and drop down through the floorboards beside the flood light.You will see a glowing bookcase. Place the book inside of the shelf and you will open a secret area.

Weld through kitchen door

Inside the secret book room is a cutting torch. Take this torch and head left out of this room towards the kitchen. A glowing padlock blocks the way outside, and must be cut by using this torch. Clear the area of zombies and cut through with the torch. The process can be interrupted without losing welding progress.

Reconnect the telegraph line

Breach outside the patio and to your left is a clearing with an unattached telegraph line. Grab the socket, climb the nearby ladder, and plug it into the outlet.

Find the car battery, power up the generator and call for help!

Return to the kitchen and you should see a lit up room across the kitchen’s exit door. You will see glowing items that are required for the objective. You may investigate this area to clear infected, however to complete the objective requires breaching through the brightly lit exit sign of the cabin. There will undoubtedly be a large horde behind it, so prepare for a fight before breaching.

Look for the car battery inside vehicles, it can spawn in multiple locations in this clearing. Once you find it, remain outside and find the generator lit up and glowing. With the battery in hand, you must place it to the side of the generator or it will not activate. The generator will spark accepting the battery. Head back inside the cabin where the radio is and call for help.

You will hear a radio response and a cutscene to the rescue vehicle.

A key will also be granted, take it with you and return outside of the patio to the ocean. Ahead will be a dockhouse with a lock. You will need the key to unlock it, simply walk up and place the key into the lock. Walk up to the lamp light to be evacuated, take care not to fall into the water.

  • Completing Cabin awards the “Cabin Fever” achievement.


A great staple of official maps, set in a city’s chinatown district at night.

Escape the subway!

Gather supplies before heading topside. Break through the fence doors with a melee and proceed through the halls. After finding a gate to open, you will find yourself out into the streets.

Find fuel for generator to open gate!

Behind the police car is a fence closed off with a generator out of fuel. To your right is an entrance into a repair shop to which fuel can spawn at the back below ground. Retrieve the gas and return to the generator. Walk up with the gas in hand and place the gas into the entry port of the generator. The fence button will now glow, allowing you to use it and raise the gate completing the objective.

Release the ladder on the roadblock!

Proceed down the Manhattan streets and you will come across a barricade with a raised ladder blocking the way forward. By following the wire, you will see it is connected to a switch behind some bulletproof glass. Continue forward into the garage and follow the path around towards the switch you saw before. Once you make it through, hit the switch and take a shortcut back by hitting the gate button next to you. Climb the lowered ladder and proceed.

Find your way through the sewers!

Follow the light and head into the sewers. Mind the water, as contact will soak through your boots and infect you through damp feet. Proceed through the sewers and you will come across a ladder. Climb up and you will have a shortcut door to activate. This leads back where you came. Go forward in the other direction and complete this objective.

Use welder on the gate’s lock to open it!

This referred to gate is located beside an underpass off the main street by the police car.

Outside the laundromat, head through the side entrance and past the ambulance. Behind the car on fire is a boarded up room. Break the boards and you will find a cutting torch in a cabinet inside. Head back to the locked gate and use the cutting torch on the glowing lock. This can be interrupted without losing welding progress. With the lock cut, turn and hold down the crank to open the gate. Leaving the crank will close the gate, preventing you from returning.

Power up the radio and call for rescue!

Proceed forward to grab supplies on your way to the bay. Once you’ve entered the docks, mind that the radio will be in front of where the trailer crashed through a fence. Take a left at the bay and find a garage to enter, just follow the wires above. Find the socket and plug it into the wall behind you. Return to the radio and call for rescue. Once you’ve called rescue, prepare to hold out until it arrives. Rescue will arrive at the end of the bay behind the radio.

  • Completing Chinatown awards the “Year of the Zombie” achievement.


An England themed level set in the daytime Liverpool streets. Large and complex, recommended for advanced players.

Find some tnt to get through the alley gate

Beginning inside of a house, make your way to the alleyway and find some TNT glowing on the floor. It can spawn in multiple places along the floor. With the TNT in hand, take it to the glowing alley gate and place it by simply walking up to the gate. Clear the area to avoid the explosion.

Find lever to turn power off

This is dynamic objective, it is randomly chosen to be active for a given playthrough. The power in question is behind an unlocked gate with electrified water blocking access through. Take a right down the street from the alleys, proceed to the phone booth and note your objective gate just ahead of the booth. The lever will be further ahead this road, left at the junction and at end of the fence gate.

Return to the unlocked gate with your lever in hand, and place it in the electrical box. Turn the lever to disable the electricity and safely cross across the water once it has disabled.

Be advised that the concrete blocks you see are not stepping stones and you will be electrocuted trying to jump across them with the power still on.

Blast through alley wall

To your left of the alley we just cleared will be a gate with a board on it. Destroy it with a melee to open the gate. Find a gas can up the stairs in the house, and return to the alley with the can in hand. Further down this alley you will see a wall with an inconspicuous X marked where you must place the canister. Place it down and immediately clear the area to avoid the explosion.

Get to the next alley

Follow the instructions and proceed with caution to the next area. You will find supplies around you, and it would be wise to progress with them. Further down the streets, you will meet a glowing red door and potentially a large horde behind it. You can use either a molotov or a jerry can off the streets to clear them without opening the door. Proceed through to reach the next objective.

Find a ladder to get over the alley gate

The gate is just ahead of the new area and to the right. The ladder will either spawn to the right, or back towards the ocean side. Bring the ladder back to the marked X and climb over the gate.

Find welder to get back alley gate open

The back alley gate referred to is the exact same one you climbed over. Straight ahead is a general store “r&e bargains”. There you can find a welder, as well as inside rooms in the houses. Return to the ladder and unweld the door open. You can interrupt this process at anytime without losing progress.

Use ladder to get into Samco store

The Samco is down the boulevard, and the ladder will be hidden from view to the left of the neon logo. With the ladder in tow, place it beneath the existing ladder and climb up.

Use welder to break into store

Climb down the ladder with caution into the store. The drop will not hurt you if you do not jump off the ladder. With the cutting torch on the second floor, cut through the lock to proceed. You can interrupt this process at anytime without losing progress.

Follow the whiteboard objective

The whiteboard in question is lit up inside the grocery by the floodlight, to the right of the entrance.

It reads: (To do list to get this damn thing working!)

  1. Find green gas can for fuel
  2. Microphone
  3. Car battery for power

This refers to the generator beside the whiteboard, and the supplies are scattered throughout the city: they are not inside the grocery and you must scavenge them all. A word of caution if you are following in game, do not call for rescue until you have the pliers mentioned in the next objective.

The gas can must be green as it contains green fuel, where as the yellow cans contain yellow fuel, quite simple.

The green gas can is located just beside the once electrified water. To the right of your original entrance of the alley to be precise.

The microphone is located beside the far windows inside r&e bargains.

The car battery is located down the second street facing from Samco.

Grab the green gas can and place it over the generator for it to accept your green fuel.

Place the car battery beside the pliers and on the table.

Place the microphone on the table at the green light.

Find some pliers to cut the lock, you have 3 minutes to get extracted!

The helicopter is waiting behind a locked gate outside Samco. To unlock the gate, return to the start of the game and look for the glowsticks where pliers are beside a corpse bag. You must return to Samco and unlock the gate before the nuke arrives, vaporizing the zombies and anyone not in the helicopter. With the pliers in tow, walk up to the lock and it will accept the pliers to break it. Climb the rope of the helicopter to be evacuated.

  • Completing Cleopas awards the “Dingle Berry” achievement.


Set primarily in an underground military compound. Apologies for brevity due to character limits.

Break out of the decontamination area

Smack the door open with a melee to proceed through.

Fix the fuse box to open emergency door

On the right is a fusebox, hold down the use key to lower a platform full of zombies. You cannot interrupt this process.

Use the I.D card to disengage viral lockdown

With the door unlocked beside the decon room, proceed with caution as you can easily be cornered. Behind the desks are items you can scavenge, and the referred to I.D card is behind the second desk. You will need to grab this to proceed to the next area. Take this card through the cavern, take a right and slide it through the card reader outside next to the big gate.

Use a ladder to sneak inside the quarantine

The ladder is located inside a storage room to the right of the entry point. By this point, you may notice the glows being unreliable. The ladder placement is left from the entry point, across from where the ladder is obtained.

Climb up into the vent, take a right to find a maglite in the corner by a corpse as it is very dark. The path forward is left, and you must use a melee to smack open a breakable vent. Proceed through until you find a dropdown, take it, be careful of any fall damage by not sprinting.

Use a welder to cut the quarantine door

The welder is in a backroom right of the main gate. Take it to the far end of the complex and use the secondary fire on the quarantine door beams.

Reactivate the radio relay

It’s easy to get lost here, so here are precise directions from the dropdown room. Straight forward to the wet floor signs. Go past the mess hall, take a right through the wide doorway, blue door on your left. Press use on the switch.

Use the captain’s key to access the armoury

Try using your compass to locate the key, it’ll be in one of the rooms as a red blip. Bring it to the armory

Prime napalm canisters

In the armory are some napalm canisters, take them to the blue blips on the compass. One’s in the meeting room, the other near a hallway in front of it.

Arm sterilisation procedure

(sterilization, sic) Find the blue blip on the compass and use the switch.

Escape the complex before sterilisation

Exit’s by the armory.

Play bob the master’s voice to open the high security freezer

You need to grab a radio found in a research room. Take a right and down the hall from the vent room you were just in. Past the OP11467 room, right, and down the hall. Radio in tow, take it to another room.

From the research room, retrace back down the hall and take 4 rights, pretty much a circle (ignore the first locked door). You should be in the room labeled Dr. Mengler. Place the radio on the table and the zombie on the other side of the glass will do a little performance.

Use Menglers code to open the high security freezer

Menglers (sic) code is randomized, the code appears on the PC nearby. Take a left, right, and down to the very end where you see crates. Enter the code into the keypad.

Recover the retroviral vaccine

Grab the jar inside the freezer.

Find an explosive to open the quarantine door

An explosive can be found in the meeting hall, which has exposed rock walls. Retrace your steps, go back straight down the hall, take a right and into the meeting hall. You should see a white canister right of the back wall. Head back the same door you came in through (the one without a fire extinguisher), forward through the double doors, forward to Mengler’s office, left, and at the end the glowing blue doors. The canister drops into place when you are close to the door, now back up from the impending explosion.

Cut the power to the electrified puddle

Through the opened door and back into the caves. The red light hints at some items you can grab, the path forward is just through the caves, you do a little u-turn. The caves split, to the right is the electrified puddle, to the left is a trailer. Take a left and enter the trailer. Grab some guns if you need to. Press to the end of the trailer and you’ll find a glowing electrical box. Smack it with a melee to cut the power.

Use crank to open specimen gate

Retrace your steps and take a left to the now harmless puddle. The crank in question will be on your right, brightly lit. You can find the crank to the left inside a shipping container. Carrying it will disarm you, so move cautiously. Place the crank on the glowing outline. The objective ends after this is placed, but a word:

Be careful about zombies crowding the shutter door afterwards. Use dynamite to clear the way or lure them out. This can be a harsh chokepoint to move past. Press the use key on the fence beside the crank to open it. Hold the use key on the crank to open the door and sprint through before it shuts.

Uncouple the load wagon

Branch objective. Now, head towards the end of the cave brightly lit up. You’ll find a chained wagon needing you to hold your use key on it. This can be interrupted without losing progress.

Use blasting caps to clear rock slide

(From previous objective)

It’s a fairly linear, yet pitch black route. You must bring some dynamite to the end, the dynamite is found at the first red light behind the rocks. Keep following the trail to the end where you’ll find some rocks and a glowing outline for your dynamite. Place it on the rocks and clear the area.

(From branching route)

Right side of the cave, there’s a pile of rocks you carry dynamite to. You will fall into a pool of water.

Weld off the ladders latch

Follow the opened route, you’ll find a cutting torch near some wagons on the way. Grab it if you don’t have one, because you will need one. Soon you’ll find a concrete wall, go through the door there. The area past the concrete wall is a dead end. Now use your cutting torch on the ladders (sic) latch. This can be interrupted without losing progress.

If you fell into a pool of water from a branching route, just follow the cave to the door.

Use the key to open surface gate

The ladder is on the right side of the opened fence, it can be a little hard to distinguish at first. Climb up and you will be greeted with a bright blue sky. Head down the hill and stop by the army tent to find the key. Take the key down the hill and to the fence. Not the first fence, but the fence on the path right of that one.

Find the fuse for the surface generator

You will come across a wide open field. Take note of the gray building on the right, we’ll be returning here. For now, march forward and head through an open gate on the left. At the end of this little fence maze is a battery of some kind. Grab it and back track to the building mentioned from before. You will be disarmed while carrying it. Take it to the glowing blue electrical box.

Radio an S.O.S

Use the microphone on the table right behind you.

Secure the vaccine in case

Directly behind the table is a room with a suitcase, press your use key on it.

Secure the vaccine onto the supply drop

Branch objective. A helicopter is waiting outside for you, bring the suitcase along with your use key. Again, you are disarmed while carrying it. In a shocking betrayal, the military flies off saying you are on your own. Another helicopter arrives to bring back hope alongside a cutscene signifying rescue.

Fuel the diesel pump

Branch objective. Return outside to attach a fuel cable to the helicopter. Press your use key on the diesel cable and walk over to the helicopter. This can be dangerous as the user is vulnerable to attacks, a team covering them helps this a lot. After the helicopter is fueled, a cutscene plays signifying everyone to get on.

  • Completing FEMA awards the “Say Hello to Your Aunt Alicia!” achievement.


Set in an abandoned city with lots of rooms and corridors to get cornered in. Can be difficult, but enjoyable.

Escape the safe haven

Grab any supplies you need and find one of two boarded up doors, smack the board with a melee to open the exit.

Break into the market

Head right from the start to find a grocery store, break in by destroying the windows. This will sound an alarm you need to stop.

Turn off the security alarm

Head to the back of the store and by the cashier hit the glowing alarm switch to disable it.

Gain entry into the aparments via the alley

With the alarm off, a freezer door will break open with a white propane tank inside. Bring it outside the store, but don’t forget to scavenge supplies while you’re here. You can find first aid kits, pills, and bandages in the room beside the main entrance. Once outside, head down the sidewalk to find the alley at the end. There’s a door you must place the explosive at, once it’s down, back up safely and shoot it to open the door.

Find a way to call for help

Proceed down the apartment halls. The first door you come across contains a passcode we’ll need later, so go inside and look for a computer in one of the rooms. You can write down the code in public chat (default key Y) to let other survivors know. Scavenge any supplies you find and head back down the hall. Through the police tape is a glowing radio behind a door you’ll notice, go inside and press your use key on it (default key E).

The man will give a short talk on the scenario, once he’s done talking the next objective will begin.

Find a welder to get through the safehouse

Proceed through the apartments, once you get outside take a left, and into the building warmly lit by the fire. Duck into cover, you don’t want to get caught here. Keep following the halls and through the back of the office to find a welder. Backtrack to the fire barrel and go a left into a under a warehouse’s shutter door conveniently head height. Then, use your welder on the blue door glowing red. You can interrupt welding without losing progress.

Proceed forward and get across the street behind the truck blocking the way. You can take a left for the direct and hazardous route, or a right for the slower yet slightly safer route. Go towards the pawn shop you see and smack the glowing lock off with a melee.

Enter the access code

Use the passcode found in the apartments here. Once it’s accepted, give the door a moment to open.

Find an alternative way out of the building

The pawn shop makes a safe zone to scavenge guns, share ammo with the team, and overall recompose yourselves. Consider unloading your gun (default key U) if you find a stronger weapon that shares your weapon’s reserve ammo, such as a pistol with an MP5. This way you’ll have more ammo for your primary weapon. When you’re ready to move forward, head through the back door. In the halls you’re now in, move past the wet floor sign and up the spiral stairs, with more supplies on your right. The stairs lead to the 3rd floor office, head inside and stick to the well lit hall. At the end is a barricaded door, smack the planks off with a melee.

Find the sewer key and escape the city for good

Proceed down the linear path and into the elevator shaft. This is a point of no return. Keep going down and soon you’ll enter a sewer system. Proceed through the creepy red tunnel and the sewer key will be in the second room on your right, you can jump over the railings as a shortcut. Once you find the key, keep going through the sewers. Keep a close eye on this key, it can be easy to lose. If you do lose it, use your compass (default key C) to locate its general location.

You will quickly find a branching path, left or right. The left tunnel is a longer dead end, but has supplies. Take a right, and you’re greeted with another fork in the road. Both paths lead to the end and are about equidistant, so take whichever one. Be careful not to lose your bearings. Once at the end, you’ll find a ladder to climb out of. Crouch under the shutter with the key and follow the glowstick. Then just follow the linear path out and place the key on the door at the end.

Place three explosives in the tunnel to secure your escape

Once the door automatically opens, head down to the road and hang a left. Note the red X’s on the wall. At the end of the road will be some dynamite you need to carry to each marked X. Once the last one is placed, a cutscene appears opening the way to rescue. Move quickly, as the explosives will go off soon. For this reason, it would be preferable to save the closest X for last.

  • Completing Junction awards the “Havana on the Hudson” achievement.


Set at midnight beside a lakeside cabin. Short and linear with an easygoing difficulty. Has many intertwining objectives, most of these may not appear in your playthrough, apologies for the spread out information.

Leave the Mill

Initial branch objective, may not appear in your playthrough, skip to “Find key to the back door” header if it was not this one. Look around the mill for supplies, then press your use key (default E) on the main entrance boards. The boards on the ceiling are breakable and may have supplies hidden on them.

Use the welder on the locked gate

Branching objective. Follow the waterfall, you’ll soon find a locked gate leading to a cabin. On your right is a path leading to a highway, take a right and you’ll find a fallen trailer next to a car. Climb inside on the left and snatch yourself a welder. Return to the gate and use your welder’s secondary fire on it.

Enter the cabin via the side door

Up the hill you’ll find an opening leading straight to the cabin, go through and head inside the cabin.

Find the key to the locked door

Inside the cabin you’ll find a red glowing key, escort this key the a glowing white door nearby.

Find key to the back door

Initial branch objective, may not appear in your playthrough, return to the “Leave the mill” header if it was not this one. Grab any supplies and break open the front door boards with a melee, or press use on the board and gently lift it off.

Find garage key

Part of a branch objective and may not appear in your playthrough. There’s a key by the beach shed, bring it to the glowing white door. Use your compass (C by default) for a clue.

Use the generator to enable emergency power

The generator is out on the beach, towards the radio tower in the distance. A gas can may spawn in the hills North West of it. Carry the gas to the back of the generator and hydrate it with delicious oil.

Take propane tank to blow open cellar doors

Left of the cabin’s main entrance is a red cellar door set that doesn’t glow. Bring the canister from the beach to these doors and from a safe distance, shoot it to detonate.

Telecommunications are down, Restore!

Towards the hills outside West will be a violet crank you need to press use on, then the red glowing switch.

Restore all 3 underground generators

The generators are accessed through a now broken elevator, needing you to carefully maneuver down using the boards below to break your fall, only break what needs to be’s 3 switches you need to turn back on, all in a row beside each other.

Find an alternative route back to the cabin

Keep following the path, to the end is a raised bridge with a red glowing button. With all generators restored, you can use the button to lower the bridge and get across. Proceed through the cave and up the spiral stairs. When you see the half shut door, crouch beneath and hang a right into the tunnel, there are supplies on the left if you need them.

At the end of the tunnel, notice the car with the fallen trailer, head inside through the left and grab a welder, you’ll need it. Then off the highway and on the dirt, there’s a locked gate needing a welder’s secondary fire to open it. You can interrupt welding without losing progress.

Find key to cellar

Your compass (default key C) can give you a clue to the key’s location, it’s red and you need to bring it to a door in the cabin glowing white.

Reset the mains trip switch

Down into the cellar, there’s a trip switch in one of the rooms you can press use on. Don’t worry about the water, it’s safe and vaccinated.

Use the radio to contact rescue

Inside the main foyer is a radio, reach it only to find it has no power.

Use the radio!

On the cabin’s main floor is a radio, use it and a cutscene showing rescue will play.

Make your way through the tunnel

Walk out into the night, take note of the building in front of you as you walk up the hill. Head to the right towards the waterfall and follow the path. Soon you’ll find a street with a tunnel to your left, be careful not to get crowded by zombies as you proceed. Once you’re far enough ahead, you’ll meet an exit sign with a double door exit to leave the tunnels.

Find and use the crank to open the metal door

.In the red spiral staircase is the crank in question. Crouch under the metal door and run downstairs to carry the crank back up top to be placed. It disarms you while carrying it. Once it’s plugged in, hold the use key down and safely pass underneath the door. This acts as a one-way as the door will fall back down when the crank is left alone.

Reset the generator and switch

Keep moving forward to find a maintenance shed. Press the two glowing buttons with a minor detour to proceed.

Weld the lock to the house

Proceeding forward, you’ll find the house seen from the beginning of the map, you need a cutting torch to open the lock. You can find a welding torch on the shoreline, inside the building under construction. Back to the house, use the torch on the lock. This process can be interrupted without losing progress.

Look for the code to the computer room

The code can be found upstairs in the cabin in one of the rooms glowing red. The computer room in question is downstairs in the kitchen, protected by a keypad.

No signal! Rotate the satellite dish!

Head outside through the computer room. Take a right and find the glowing ladder and satellite dish. Climb the ladder and press your use key on the dish to fix the reception. Take note that the rescue vehicle will arrive in the shed behind you.

Use the laptop

Return to the computer room and use the laptop to call for rescue. Doing so plays a cutscene where the US Coast Guard comes to shore with a boat.

You are given 30 seconds before rescue arrives to shore where then they must leave due to low fuel. If you are still far behind before the house’s entry point, you can run to a dirt road right of the house (not the beach) to jump over a van and reach your team.

Do not stand by the shed doors, you will be gunned down by the chopper. For safety reasons wait until the boat comes to a complete stop before boarding. Be careful touching the bottom of the boat ramp, it may fling you across the ramp and potentially injure or kill you.

  • Completing Lakeside awards the “Private Beach” achievement.


Short and compact in sunny England with lots of backtracking. Can be a breeze to complete. There are no respawn points on this map.

Proceed to Harington road

Get outside of the apartment and with your melee smackthe wooden beam off the door and onto the road.

Answer the Phone

Initial branching objective, listen to the call of a man requiring assistance. It’s the phone booth at the end of the street, quite visible.

Find a fuel tank to blast through garden wall

Some fuel will be in either one of the houses or on the streets., bring that green fuel to the garden wall glowing (behind the phone booth). Back up and let it explode by itself.

Use welder on manhole cover

Initial branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. A manhole is beside some green glowsticks, use a welder found just beside it in the garage to open it. This process can be interrupted. Be careful standing on top of it, as you will fall straight down.

Find crank to open door

Part of a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Climb down the manhole and into the sewers. Some items are nearby to scavenge, afterwards make your way to the end of the linear path. You’ll find a cage with stairs inside, and a crank just beside it. Open the door, grab the crank, and place it onto the outline. Hold down the use key to open the gate, it won’t hold however, so move through it quickly.

Proceed to the chapel

Part of a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Proceed forward up the ladder and press your use key on the trapdoor. A man on a radio senses your presence and tells you about the scenario.

Use tnt to get through to the store

Outside the chapel there’s a corpse with some tnt beside them, though it may appear somewhere else in the graveyard. Carry this tnt behind the chapel onto a wall with an X marked on it. With it on the wall, press your use key on the canister next to it and move back from the impending explosion.

Break into the store

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Proceed to the ADSA supermarket in front of the broken wall. Smack those boards with good melee hit and enter the store.

Weld through store side entrance

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Proceed to the ADSA supermarket in front of the broken wall. Beside it is a metal staircase leading to a side entrance. Take a welder open up the glowing doors.

Find dead staff member to enter warehouse office

A key will randomly appear somewhere in the grocery. Take that key to the backrooms and place it on it on a glowing door upstairs.

Call for help

Inside this new room, use the radio. The same man from the chapel will inform he’ll be at Harington road in 5 minutes.

Proceed back to Harington road

Back track to the start of the map.

Answer the phone

Different than the other phone objective. The man on the phone informs there’s been a delay of 5 minutes. This sparks an idea in a survivor’s mind.

Use welder on 3 wall sockets to cause a fire!

Either for pyromaniac reasons or a signal fire for potential rescue, use the welder inside the nearby house’s electrical outlets. This process cannot be interrupted. Soon enough, the National guard will arrive in the graveyard alerted by your fire or appalled by the unnecessary destruction you’ve caused.

  • Completing Toxteth awards the “It’s Always Sunny in Liverpool” achievement.


Set in a quarantined city district at midnight. Can be quite challenging especially late game.

Escape the alley

There are supplies at both ends of the laundromat, with a full server sometimes you’ll have to go without a melee which makes leaving here difficult. When you’re ready, smack open either the back window or front door with a shove or melee. There’s a fire escape ladder you can climb nearby with a loaded Sniper rifle, it also makes a great vantage point to clear zombies ahead of the alley (don’t jump to the dumpster, you’ll fall). Once you fight through this narrow chokepoint, it’ll open up to a wide street and a sea of zombies.

Find a shovel and dig for fuel at the make-shift grave-yard

There’s a shovel marked as a red blip you can locate with your compass (default key C), the graveyard is far along the left wall you exited the alley from. The shovel may be found across the street in the parking lot beside a gun shop, which you should consider looting for weapons. You are disarmed while carrying the shovel.

Once at the park, now repurposed graveyard, dig up some patches to find some desecrated fuel in one of them. Just place the shovel on the dirt, and hold your use key on it to dig up the grave (cannot be interrupted). You can also find buried weapons too.

Fuel the generator and turn it on

Carry the fuel back across the street and straight ahead to a shutter door with a generator nearby. Place the can on the back of the generator. Give it a moment, then press your use key on the generator’s glowing green button.

Wait for the rollup door to open

While it opens, move around to carol zombies on the street away from you, you don’t want to be cornered inside here.

Get inside the sewers

I like to take a wide swing entering this building so zombies inside the warehouse don’t cluster on the inside corners. Ahead there are two sharp angles that can easily pinch you between two big groups of zombies, so breach through the right shutter door where you can help comb out the zombies inside. Teammates clearing this helps a lot.

Move forward and through the back warehouse, it’s a narrow chokepoint with zombies in your face. If you can sieze an opening, go for it and get outside as quickly as you can. Use the glowing button to open the gate. There’s a manhole closeby, it’s a point of no return. Jump down when ready and make a big splash, you won’t take fall damage falling into water.

Find the key to the maintenance room

Dead survivors will respawn in the room behind you, there’s a couple supplies in there too. I picture this area as a big W shape, a fork if you will. The left path leads to the key, the center the maintenance room, and the right to a crank room. Press forward, you may need to detour around zombies to get to the maintenance room first as a break point. Double check your compass (default key C) for bearings on the key, it’s randomly placed.

Return to the center and place the key on the doors to unlock them.

Find the missing crank and unflood the maintenance room!

The crank is also highlighted and randomly placed, check your compass on its general location. Carry this crank to the rightmost path. There will be a room and a glowing section for the crank to be placed. Once it’s placed, return to the maintenance room.

Use the radio!

Once you’ve returned to the maintenance room, head down the now dry staircase and use the radio down there. There will be a radio man talking about the scenario.

Take the Walkie Talkie

Press use on the glowing walkie talkie beside the radio, it does not take up inventory space.

Escape the sewers

The radio man explains that you need to shut a gate on the other end of the neighborhood and run back to the inner quarantine (the gate right of the sewer exit) before you’re tactically nuked to death. You got 1 minute once it’s closed. For now, just follow the linear path topside, don’t bother with the ladder leading down, it’s just zombies down there.

Close the open quarantine entry gate to gain access to the inner quarantine

Proceed through the neighborhood, take note of the gate right of the alley as you’ll be running for your life to it soon. At the very end is a crank you need hold down your use key on to close the glowing gate. You cannot interrupt this process, the gate will slowly roll back if the crank is left alone. A fellow survivor can cover you by climbing the ladder in the little yard behind and shooting any infected nearby in safety. If you have a molotov, throw it at the gate to prevent runners and children from sneaking through.

Get to the inner quarantine before the failsafe activates!

With the gate closed, don’t waste any time running back to the inner quarantine. If anyone is bleeding, give them your bandages directly by having it equipped and use secondary fire (right click by default) while looking at them nearby. Everyone needs to be running here, and bleeding prevents running. If all has gone to plan, you’ve successfully returned to the initial area and past the now opened gate. A 10 second warning will appear on the top left of the screen and the screen with fade white as the tactical nuke strikes.

Activate the siren when ready

The radio man explains a siren will sound to get the zombies away from them, and then rescue will come to pick you up. You can keep your back against the wall and fend off zombies until help arrives.

Survive for 2 minutes

With the siren on, you’ll be attracting every zombie in the area. Once rescue arrives, a cutscene will play showing it hovering over the street. Climb the rope it let down and escape.

  • Completing Quarantine awards the “Containment Loss” achievement.


Set inside a giant quarry with elevators and verticality to play with.

Weld open the gate

Find a welder in the starting area and proceed to a barricaded door, smack the planks open with a melee and head outside to see a fence gate. Use the welder on the glowing lock to open it (this process can be interrupted).

Find 3 planks to bridge the electrified puddle

This objective may not appear in your playthrough. You can find wooden planks left of the gate, carry all 3 to the other end of the platform. You are disarmed while carrying these. Be cautious near the water, as it will kill you instantly. Before placing the final plank, consider luring zombies on the other side to you, as they will be fried by the water trying to reach you.

Use the panel in the control room, open the gate B

Keep moving forward towards the rusty metal building and proceed through the first floor door that’s glowing. Be careful of zombies lurking in the dark, and find a yellow glow on the control panel in the room. Press your use key (default E) on it to open the path forward.

Make your way towards the gate

Get back outside and continue following the perimeter wall. Search the corners on your way for a maglite if you don’t have one already, it will be very useful soon. Look under the stairs for a yellow gas can, bring it with you if you see it because it’s an objective item. Take note of the elevator you pass by, you’ll be returning here. Soon enough you’ll see a big tunnel, proceed forward with caution and light the way with a flashlight if you have one.

Use a gas can to destroy the barricade

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, you’ll find a barricade blocking the way. If you don’t already have the gas can, you need to backtrack and retrieve it near the elevator. If it is dropped into the abyss below, it will respawn.

Once you reach the barricade, place it and clear the area before it explodes.

Find an alternative way into the maintenance tunnels

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Proceed through the broken barricade. To your left is a dead end with supplies, the right will be the way forward. Keep following the linear path and you’ll soon find a dark room with a glowing powerbox inside. Press your use key on it and the lights will turn on.

Pry open the elevator doors

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Keep moving forward through the dark hallway, there should be maglites nearby to combo with your pistol. Equip the pistol and press F (flashlight key by default) to use both at the same time. If you do not have either, take a left and look for the glass window from the powerbox door and make this area a brief visit.

Press your use key on the glowing shutter buttons to open them and return back outside. There is a glowing fubar to the right near some blocky gray electrical things, carry that to the elevator noted from before. You are disarmed while carrying it. Once it’s placed, press and hold your use key on the fubar. This process can be interrupted without losing progress. After it’s complete, the fubar drops as a weapon. Use the lever to send the elevator up, do a head count before sending it up, although it can be sent back down if anyone is left behind.

Restore power to the elevator

Part of a branching objective. Find an electrical box and press your use key on it. If you came from the very first tunnel (Make your way towards the gate), it’s a left and the first door on the left. If you have a pistol and maglite, equip the pistol and press F (by default) to use both at the same time for self-defense in the dark. Turning the power on will also turn on some of the lights.

Now find a glass window nearby, proceed to that room. Press your use key on the glowing button to open the shutter door.

Attach a spare lever to the elevator

This marks a respawn point for dead survivors. You may find a lever left of the initial tunnel you entered from in the rusty building. Bring it back to the elevator. Once it’s in place, use the lever to send the elevator up. Do a head count of everyone before doing so, though the elevator may be called down if anyone is left behind.

Escape to the surface!

Keep moving forward and you’ll find yet another elevator. Watch out for runners in the narrow hallway ahead of you. Repeat the same elevator conduct. The following objective marks a branch to two different endings, skip to the “Find a key to enter to shed” for the other ending.

Find an extinguisher and put out the fire

This marks the ending A route. Exit out the blasted out hole in the wall, to your right is a red brick building, and its entrance is blocked by fire. A fire extinguisher can be found behind it in an alley near the blue-white striped building. Bring the extinguisher to the fire, secondary fire (default right click) to prime it, and primary fire (default left click) to use it. You can hold the primary and safely walk towards the fire to automatically use it when in range. This process cannot be interrupted. Once it’s out, you can toss the extinguisher away as it’s no longer needed.

Call for help, use the radio upstairs

Upstairs the brick building is a radio you can use to call for help. It’s behind some dark halls, so be careful. It should be glowing nearby some blue glowsticks.

Activate a siren to signal your position

To the north (compass, default C key) is a towering blue loading device of some kind, head towards it. Underneath the loader will be two tables and a white signal device, hold your use key on it to signal for help as well as a horde of zombies. Prepare your defenses before signaling.


“Rescue is now looking for you! Be ready!” It helps to have a team covering each side of your holdout. Use your gun against runners and children, molotovs and grenades against clusters, and barricade nearby chokepoints with boards. It can get hectic fast if zombies slip by, stay vigilant on your side while checking on your teammates often if their defense is holding.

Get extracted by the helicopter!

The helicopter will hover close to the holdout area, board quickly and cover any teammates still on the ground. You have completed one of Rockpit’s two possible escape sequences.

Find a key to enter the shed

This objective marks the ending B route. The key is upstairs in the same building as the elevator. The shed in question is a little left and past the firetruck. Once you get upstairs, the key will be sitting on an old mattress in the light, which may be hard to spot otherwise. Bring the key to the shed described previously, the door should be glowing blue as you near it.. Take note of the hole in the wall by the stairs, you can crouch through and avoid any horde sitting below you.

Place the key to the door, give a second to realize it’s unlocked, and prepare for runners inside.

Use battery to open the entrance gate, get ready for an escape

This marks one of two different escape vehicles for this map. Carry the battery to the South wall (use your compass, C by default) and place it on the generator. Once placed, it will open the gate. If you’re following ingame, you will be running left of the gate down the road with many runners attacking you. It gets hectic fast, prepare yourself. A mail van is inexplicably waiting to rescue you.

Get into the FastEx van and escape!

“You have 2 minutes to reach the escape vehicle” Runners will charge towards the gate once it’s open with more on the way. Keep moving, you’ll likely be killed trying to wait for an opening. Run behind the van to escape.

  • Completing Rockpit awards the “Rockstar!” achievement.


Set mostly underground a moonlit German city.

Proceed to the main hall

Grab supplies around the area, there are lots of goodies that will help you on your journey. When you’re ready to go, head downstairs to the basement. With a melee or shove, smack the wooden barricade off the door at the bottom.

Go upstairs

Follow the green light leading upstairs.

Find a way to open up the control room

The control room is downstairs behind the blue glowing door. A cutting torch is needed and can be randomly found in one of the 2nd floor rooms.

Return downstairs and open the glowing door (it wasn’t locked), and use the cutting torch on the flat metal doors. This process can be interrupted without losing progress. Watch out for runners behind the opened door.

Use the heart key to open up the door connecting to the lobby room (which is located upstairs)

Inside the newly opened control room is a heart-shaped key on the floor. You must carry it back upstairs to unlock a door, which will be glowing in view of the stairs. Carrying the key disarms you.

Activate the generator by pressing the button in the engine room

Proceed forward, be careful of zombies in the narrow hallway. On the right is the exit leading outside with a wide open street full of zombies. At the corner, you’ll find a brick building to duck inside with a glowing door. Note that the locked door on the left can be opened with a cutting torch (cannot be interrupted). The generator is downstairs in this building, press and hold your use key on it (can be interrupted).

Find a lever and use it to gain entrance towards the maintenance tunnels

Leave the building and head right. Watch out for the shipping container full of runners and take a left. The lever should on your path to next building. More shipping containers will break open with runners, stay alert. Once you reach the end of the fence maze, place the lever on the glowing outline. Zombies are on the other side of the door you’ll open.

Head downstairs into the maintenance tunnels

Proceed forward and you’ll see a lit up, partially sunken elevator. Jump up the ladder and follow the glowsticks. You’ll go through some vents that need you to smack them open, and soon drop down from them. Watch out for fall damage if you’re behind the team. Keep following the glowsticks.

(Confirm if this can be done on the other side v)

Climbing up the spiral staircase, you can use a cutting torch to open the door at the top (process can be interrupted). This will lead back to where you began.

Open the door which is pointing towards the sewers

You can use a cutting torch on the locked door to look for supplies upstairs. The way forward is through a subterranean shopping center it looks like. Look for the key near strip club sign and carry it to the end of the hall (you are disarmed while carrying this).

Destroy the board to gain access towards the sewer

Dead survivors will respawn upon reaching this objective. Keep moving through to the room surrounded in glowsticks. Find the boarded door and smack it with a melee.

Turn off the gas

Down into the sewers, you’ll find the way blocked by a broken pipe leaking gas. It can’t hurt you, so don’t fret, just find the the crank right behind and place it near the pipe. Press your use key on it and it will turn for you.

Look for clues

Trek through the sewers and look for the blue lights from the glowsticks leading you upstairs. Climb and open the door at the end of the hall. Be careful of any zombies from behind.

Find switches and activate them onto the panel

The room you’ve opened is where you will place switches to be found around the sewer. Some are far away, some in the nearby rooms. They glow faintly red and can be easy to miss. Pick them up with your use key (cannot be interrupted). If your teammates already found them, you can just return to the switch room and hold down the use key to place them (also cannot be interrupted).

Prepare your escape route!

Move back downstairs to the nearest end of the sewer to find a passage now unblocked from a fence. Keep moving forward through the white tunnel, the other turn you see is a dead end. Soon you’ll meet a pool of electrified water and the need to jump across some objects. Manage your stamina and jump up and around the barrels to the crate on the other side.

Through enough tunnels, you’ll be greeted with a view of the final area and a dropdown trapping you here. As you drop and walk forward, take note of the large, smokey sewer pipe and the small gate next to it, you will be escaping through this tiny gate.

Lots of supplies are nearby for your team to use, and a lever will call a horde. Hold the use key to start the finale, it also notifies your team in ominous red text, so make sure everyone’s ready before starting it.

It takes a couple minutes for the door to open, meanwhile zombies are flooding in through the pipe and through the side barricades.

Once the gate is ready, a cutscene will play showing the opened door and a threat of a 6 minute evacuation time limit. Throw a grenade to clear the area and run upstairs through the gate. Head through the first door you see, the other way is a dead end.

Soon you’ll find one last tunnel to run down and a ladder at the end. Climb the ladder into the safe zone and live the rest of your lives in what’s effectively a bunker.

  • Completing Shelter awards the “There be No Shelter here!” achievement.


Set around a bleak Chinese waterfront town. Can be difficult if you get lost with its many winding paths.

Find a way out of the station

Grab your gear, but don’t miss out on some secret supplies on the side of the staircases.
Walk up the elevators and hang a left. You may have to detour with the proceeding objective.

Main entrance blocked, find alternative exit

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Turn back around the way you came where a door will burst open with zombies running after you. Take them out and follow the linear path.

Find your way to Lindun Road

Once you’re in and out the sewers, head to the nearest alley and open the flat textured door with your use key. The alley behind the ladder is a dead end. To your left is a clearing with items, to your right is the path forward.

If you have a cutting torch, you can open the nearby antique store gate with a glowstick attached. Guns are inside the cases, which will sound an alarm when broken. Keep moving forward and you’ll soon find the Lindun Road.

Cross the bridge

Run across the street (or take a left if you did not detour at the beginning) and cross the bridge to find the path forward barricaded.

Find a way to enter the Old Quarter

Head down the lane left of the bridge, enter the store and exit out the back.

Find a welder to open the alley door

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. You can find a welder in the apartments if you don’t have one, they are right of the burning fire truck. The parking lot itself is a dead end, look for the dimly lit entry to the apartments.

Cut the lock with your torch, this process can be interrupted. Now open the door with your use key.

Find an IED to blow up the alley door

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Take a right and then left to cross a bridge and an intersection. The IED can be found in the apartments on the left, and the alley door is to the right. Search left first, and bring to IED back to this area and to the door. Place the IED and stand back.

Find gas to drench barricade in

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. A Gas can is somewhere around the Old Quarter, find the general location of it using your compass (default key C) and bring it to the barricade to the right of the back alley you entered from.

Ignite the barricade using a welder

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. A welder can be found somewhere in the area, bring it back to the barricade (right of the alley) and use the secondary fire on it. Give it some time to burn completely and walk through once it finishes.

Bridge the canal and cross it

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough.

Beside the bridge you’ll soon find is a canal with some stairs beside it, go down there. Hold your use key near the tied rope to release the boat. This process may be interrupted. This will send the boat across the canal, reach this place by retracing your steps and crossing the bridge. The water both hurts and potentially infects you, so avoid it. Take a right at the intersection and hug the right wall to find a door leading into a small home. Head downstairs and cross on the boat.

Climb the first set of stairs and in the next room take a blind left, that is the way forward, not following the light up the second set of stairs (it’s a dead end, but you may find a few items). Now break the barricaded door to get back outside.

Search for the evac station

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Reaching this objective will respawn dead survivors on the right. Head left to go forward (or keep going straight if you burned down a barricade).

Extinguish tire fort

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. You can find a fire extinguisher in the respawn alcove (where the army truck was blocking the road). Follow the road until you see a truck wreck with fire, use the fire extinguisher’s secondary fire (right click by default) to prime it, and now its primary fire (left click by default) on the fire while standing close enough to it.

Go down the alley path

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Keep following the linear empty roads around the outskirts of the town to eventually reach the next objective. If you have a cutting torch, you can cut open a shortcut through some backyards, look for the red glowstick. Keep an eye out for a car battery for the next objective.

Find a car battery to power the door

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. If you’re lucky, the battery spawns right beside the door. If not, look around for one nearby, use your compass (default key C) to help locate one. Bring the battery to the generator, and press your use key on the button.

Continue to evac station

Keep moving forward, it’s a nice linear path to follow.

Evac station has succumbed to infection! Use radio to call for help!

Reaching this objective will respawn dead survivors.

Proceed across the street to the evac center. If you find any fireworks or fuel canisters, bring them along as well as they are an objective item, as well as any first aid crates you find. Break the barricade blocking the entrance, and head upstairs to find a radio. Use it to hear a Chinese voice, potentially a sight of rescue.

Power is down, find a car battery to run it

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough.

Without power, you can’t call for rescue. Look around the town for a car battery, you may need to hike for a bit to find one depending on RNG. Use your compass (default key C) to try and locate some. When you find one, bring it back to the radio.

Find a way to signal the boat!

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough.

Use your compass (default key C) to locate the general direction of fireworks. Look around town for them.Return to the radio and hold your use key on the fireworks once they’ve been attached (cannot be interrupted).

This sends a firework distress signal through the window and causes a small fire which soon spreads to engulf the entire upstairs area.

Find some fuel

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough.

You must signal rescue by setting the evac center on fire to act as a massive torch. Look for them nearby around town, use your compass (default key C) to locate the general direction of the fuel cans. Note there are stairs to the right of the nearby bridge, gas may spawn there. Bring the fuel back upstairs and place them on the can outlines.

Set fire to the evac center using a welder to signal the boat!

Use the cutting torch (default right click) on the fuel cans, this process cannot be interrupted. Stand back from the fire it creates. Once the fire starts to kick in, head back downstairs and hold down the fort.

Rescue is coming! Survive!

A cutscene will play once rescue arrives to shore.

The back doors open up to the port. Go outside and wait for it to come close. Save your stamina and get a running start, the boat will NOT stop. Jump onto the side, you aren’t give too much landing space, and the driver’s in a hurry. Once you land safely, you can safely watch as the town fades out behind.

  • Completing Suzhou awards the “Seven-mile Shantang” achievement.


Set primarily in an underground tunnel with many claustrophobic areas teeming full of zombies. Recommended for advanced players.

Find a way to open the door!

Grab your gear and climb up the ladder on the side of the bus. Head down the road to eventually find a door on you right, you need to find a key to open it. Jump over the guardrail and into the interior on the left. Use your compass (default key C) to locate the key’s general location shining blue. Now bring it back to the door, be careful moving as you are disarmed while carrying it.

Weld through grate!

On the path ahead will be a grate you need a cutting torch to open. Keep following the road, soon enough you’ll see a glowing welder on your right. Do not drop it in the water ahead, it will softlock the game as you can’t proceed without it. If a teammate is carrying it (as they have a full inventory), stop them before they die and clumsily drop it in the water.

You have to jump across some objects that are in electrified water, touching it instantly kills you. Take a short real life breath before every sprint jump to ensure your character has enough stamina and doesn’t miss a jump. Once you reach the end, use the welder’s secondary fire (right click by default) on the susceptible looking portion of the grate. You may interrupt this process.

Find dynamite and blow up the wall!

Dead survivors will respawn upon reaching this objective in the room ahead. Take time to loot the area and proceed forward back onto the roadway. Be careful of the narrow pinch in between the bus and barricade. Take note of the red X on the wall to your left, you will return here with some dynamite. Keep moving forward and you’ll find a police car with a hud hint asking you to push it. Follow the instructions and walk into it to push the car. Crouch down and walk through the pipe on your left.

Some teammates freeze when they reach the end, so don’t expect any sudden bravery from them. Push past them, use a firearm to clear the zombies likely on the other end, and quickly make space so your team follows with you. Head through the red shipping container and grab the dynamite sitting on the cabinets, you are disarmed while carrying it.

Now backtrack all the way to the red X from before, jump on the crates next to the flood light to climb back up. Place the dynamite on the X when you return and stand clear of the explosion.

Activate elevator!

The water here does not infect people unlike what the graffiti claims, don’t worry about standing in it. Press forward until you reach a dropdown to a wide open area.

This area’s tasks can look overwhelming, but to grasp what’s happening: look for matching colors on your compass (default key C). Green is for the fence lock on the right. You can find the green pliers upstairs, there’s a staircase left of the dropdown. Be careful reaching the top shack, runners come out once you open the door. Bring those pliers back down to the fence and open it.

Right behind you is a shipping container full of zombies, open it with your use key (default key E) and clear the container. With them gone, carry those sockets to each red dot on your compass (one inside the fenced area, the other on the generator next to the elevator. Hold your use key on the generator once both are done, the process can be interrupted.

Now for the blue, it is a switch inside another zombie container. Use the door it’s inside, clear the zombies, and carry the switch back to the elevator. With everything done, you can flip the switch to send the elevator topside.

Push the cart!

Use your compass (default key C) to find the loading cart which is glowing blue, it should be on your right. Push it by walking into it. Note that the order of the following 3 objectives may be different.

Loot a smoke grenade!

A smoke grenade can be found in the adjacent building, use your compass to locate its general location, then bring it back to the cart. Your next objective returns to “Push the cart!”

Alternatively, the smoke grenade will appear in a pipeyard where you must jump both over a car and a fence to reach, it should be right next to the cart. Crawl through the vents, hold your use key on the glowing crank, and look for the smoke grenade in the passages from there.

Loot the car battery!

The car battery is not on the main floor, you have to climb the dark depressing brick building in front of the cart to find it. Go inside, take a left towards the red vending machines and head upstairs beside them. Follow the linear hall until you reach a Dawn of the Dead slide being projected. Open the metal door on the other side of the room and walk to the end of the balcony, you’ll find a ladder. Climb, and go across another balcony until you end up back where you were but a floor higher. The car battery is somewhere in these rooms now. You can proceed through the hallway to find a metal door shortcut back to the balcony ladders. Return to the cart with the battery, which will return the objective to “Push the cart!”.

Look for a code in the office building and loot a can of paint!

The bucket of paint is found in the Alias Telecom building’s top floor. They’re random but predetermined. Return to the cart with the paint bucket, and keep pushing the cart.

Use all looted items!

Bring the smoke grenade and paint can to the outline beside the cart. Follow the hud instructions to draw an S.O.S (can be interrupted). Find the ladder right beside them and bring the car battery up to the generator. You cannot interrupt using the generator.

Wait for the helicopter!

Hold out until rescue arrives, it will be right beside the S.O.S. writing. A cutscene will play once it arrives.

  • Completing Underground awards the “Commuter Hell” achievement.


Short linear map set in a wide-open railyard.

Find the code and escape the office building

Grab your supplies around the start, there’s lots of goodies to scavenge. When you’re ready to go, break open the junk blocking the exit door with a melee and head downstairs to next floor. On the 2nd floor, there should be a paper on the floor with numbers written on it, just beside the yellow-lit room. Memorize it, scavenge anything you find, and head further downstairs to the parking lot.

Input the code in the keypad nearby. Sometimes the keypad will not accept the code, this is a map error not syncing the code found on the paper. Press the button inside with your use key (default key E) to open the shutter door.

Find a way to access the warehouse

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Head inside the first warehouse to find an explosive barrel glowing red. Around the corner, carry this barrel to the shutter door with an X on the floor shoot it from a safe distance. Proceed through the hole once the fire clears.

Find a tool to pry open the manhole

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. To the right of the shutter is the manhole you need to open. There is a fubar in the parking lot you can carry to the manhole to open it, you are disarmed while carrying it. Bring it to the manhole to pry it open.

Melt the grate using a welder

Part of a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Head down into the sewers, heed the warning written on the wall and avoid touching the plagued water. Follow the pipes and find a welder just around the corner, bring it with you as you find a ladder nearby. Soon you should see a light and a grate blocking the way out, use your welder’s secondary fire (right click by default) on the grate, don’t hug the grate or else it won’t register. You can interrupt this process without losing progress.

Activate elevator and ascend to the upper level

Head upstairs and to the furthest end with the dark room. You’ll find some loose plugs and a switch asking to be pulled. Put two and two together and it’ll enable power to the elevator button below you passed on the way here. Use it, get inside, and use the elevator to ride up.

Pickup walkie talkie

There is a walkie talkie in the security room right of the elevator, pick it up and you’ll conveniently be responded by a train conductor on the other end. He’ll give a small talk about the scenario, but he’ll also mention a code needed to open the exit door.

Code to the door is #

Walk up to the exit door and punch in the code the radio man gave you, use your compass (default key C) to check the objective for the code if you forget or tuned the radio man out.

Find fuel to power up generator

This is a branching objective, it may not appear in your playthrough. Get outside the station and hang a left behind the two trains in the field. Follow the light to the shed to find the generator. Some fuel is right behind it below a turntable. Grab it, and jump up on the turntable’s middle part to climb out. Place the gas behind the generator.

Activate the turntable

The previous objective may be skipped and instead you’ll be asked to just activate the turntable.
Beside the generator is a dark red shed, go inside and use the control panel.

Unclog the turntable mechanism

Jump back in the turntable and drag out a chunk of debris to let the turntable turn. Follow the train as it clears out any zombies in its path. Be alert to children and runners approaching once the train rolls through.

Throw the switch behind the locomotive

There’s a switch behind the stopped train, press your use key on it.

Throw the other switch

In the middle of the yard is another switch, use it.

Release hand brakes

Head inside the train and use the two glowing cranks, which sets everything up for departure.

Radio the engineer when ready

Press your use key on the radio and the conductor will start the train. Make sure everyone’s on board, anyone left behind will have to run through the field to catch up.

  • Completing Zephyr awards the “Way of the Zephyrs” achievement.
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