NO THING – Achievements, Tips and Basics

Some tips and tricks about the game, levels, walkthrough and achievements.

Achievements and Some Tips

Actress – Finish first level

It is usually hard to complete first level fast, cause you don’t know the game basics. The easiest way to understand when you should turn is watching the edge of platform you are turning, not the all that weird pictures and faces. So, when the edge is gone, it’s the time to push the button. This advice is simple, but it really helps from the first level till the end of the game.

Politician – Finish second level

Nothing special, just turns, few jumps and repeat the first tip.

Gambler – Finish third level

Despite the fact that voice tells us “Level 3 Turn Left”, you actually shouldn’t make your first turn to the left side. Of course, the hole is tiny, we can jump over it. But it’s a shortcut. There’s bunch of them here and if you use even one of them, they will make the evil joke – you’ll finish the level without completing 99% of the game and you will die instead of entering the building.

This rule (prohibition of using shortcuts) working only at 3rd level. Why – ask the developer.

Best Friend – Finish 4th level

Earlier we made some jumps to the Unknown. Now is the time to build upon what has already been achieved. All the level is the loop of going up and down, so we will make a lot of jumps. The best way of not jumping into eternity – is lowering your jump by air turnings. By the way, when we turn while jumping we also can see the place to land with peripheral vision.

So, becoming from second lap, we can turn left in the middle of jump (while going up) and second later turn left again to ground at the next up-platform. It also decreasing the amount of jumpings and amount of chances to jump into nowhere.

Dark Forest – Finish 5th level

At this level the turn will show up just before the turn itself, so it some kind of new challenge with your reaction. But I guess it wouldn’t be too difficult for you after all you’ve completed.

Polon – Finish 6th level

Most part of this level (about 65%) is little “blinking” loop, but when you’ll get that, it would be much easier to pass this level. So, at first you go to the loop (left, right, right) and after that we just going on it (1 turn left, 5 turns right and repeat). At one moment you’ll see the left sideway and you’ll be free.

Television – Finish 7th level

Ah, sh*t! Here we go again!

This level is the hardest one to complete. So if you’ll pass it – others would not be a problem. The platform is tiny, the speed become faster and faster and it’s very easy to make a mistake.

So, I completed it by going backwards at the first turn (fast left, left, left, right). Took 2 pills and turn around right after taking second one (fast right, right). When I got the start point I repeated this pattern. Actually I tried to make 3 “there and back again” for a couple of hours, but twirling at high speed is kind of hard to make without mistake, so 2 is enough. Anyway, this level hard af, and I’m not really sure this tip is helpful, but I passed the level this way, so maybe it make this broken level little easier. Good luck, clerk!

Soldier – Finish 8th level

There’s blue pills become. Color looks friendly, but don’t take them, cause they speeds you up and make the level harder. After couple of pills choosing, there’s one going up and down and in the end of it you can turn left and make a shortcut. After “what a twist!” with blowing road and building we can repeat a shortcut at the same place, jumping on a panel with red pills.

Factory – Finish 9th level

So here we should take speeds to make a long jump. But we remember that shortcuts are banned only at 3rd level, so the best way to complete this level is taking only one blue pill and turn right in the end of jumping. If you going by the rules, you’ll take 5 red pills, which almost stops you and after a minute of slow-mo you will take 7 blue pills without possibility of not having them, they make you really fast and level would be much harder. Other part is kind of easy (after 7th level everything is easy), probably only one trap moment with 3 red pills – you should turn left right after taking second one – there’s tiny panel easy to be missed.

Queen – Finish 10th level

Finally, the last one. At the beginning we climb at the hightower. Easy to fall, but take a tip. You should turn at the moment when you stop seeing all the panel you’re landing (not the edge, like usually, but the whole panel). This tip is usefull in every air moment, so please use it. Also when we climbed at the tower there’s no need to land at the same place (it’s hard, you should turn two times). You just see the soldiers and fly straight to them. So, the other part of level is not much hard. Only one situation with 2 blue pills, when you see them in front of you, just turn right or left to avoid them (this panel has the “Ф” form, so you easy return to the way).

The Small One – Score 500 points

Palace – Score 1000 points

Hard achievements. The easiest legal way to take them is right after completing 10th level, you’ll have 150-200 points and after credits there’s square panel with soldiers and you just going round, trying to make a score. But speed is growing and mistakes are close.

There’s also another way to get these achievements. When you stuck in the corner (half of your body under the panel and you’re not running), you can turn to another side of the corner and get a point. Repeat this 1000 times without missclicking and you’ll get them. But please don’t make long rests between turnings, cause your speed is growing and you there’s a chanse to jump over the panel after couple of seconds without turns.


Well, actually that’s just cubes. But you can imagine you as a Neo from The Matrix.

Anyway, red pill gives you 5 points and slows you down a little bit. The blue one also gives you 5 points and makes you faster. First one is everywhere, second one from 8th level.

Choose wisely.

The Main Tip

The main and the most important tip is very obvious, it’s even in the name of the game.

Do NOt use any THINGs while/before playing this videogame. This game is a THING itself. So if you use something to boost your mind/imagination, you’ll highly likely have a bad trip. All that scary empty-eyed faces and screeching death sounds are terrible even for normal mind.

So take care. And remember, drugs are bad, mkay?

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