Northgard – Starter Tips (Army, Buildings and Resources)

Here you can find the answers for the most important questions. What are some things a new player should take a look at before starting? Are there certain clans that are easier to learn/master? What clans should be avoided by new players?

Beginners Basic Guide with Tips


  • Don’t build things until you actually need it- for example, don’t build a house until you’re at 5/6 population and at like 45% to your next villager.
  • Balance your food and wood, there’s no need to sit on a stockpile of 400 wood if you’re not going to build an altar, and same thing for food, unless you’re feasting for your team.
  • Its okay to have villagers doing nothing but gathering food.

For scouting, with most clans you will scout your first ring (the tiles directly around your base), any ruins/shipwrecks that are around you, and the connecting tile between you and your teammates. Anything more depends on who you are playing with (with a raven, you don’t have to scout anything more because raven clan gets lore from scouting tiles).

Everything in the game has a Return on Investment time (ROI). You can upgrade and colonise and build altar etc for years and years, but most team games end in 802 or 803. So often less is more.

It’s great to start with guardian military path and try other when you learned basics cause at 500 xp guardian gives you 2 militia and tower scout for you when your using guardian.

Tips for army

Your gold, food, wood, lore, etc is all useless if the enemy brings 15 soldiers to your base in 802 and you have nothing to defend because you didn’t build any camps, even if you had the gold to hire an army as big as the enemy. Remember the goal of the game is not to build the most impressive economy with the biggest numbers, but to kill the enemy with your army or win by one of the passive wins.

General advise for players struggling with early attacks

You are most likely to find players who will rush you very early, around mid to late 801.

Dont spam towers everywhere and too early, these have upkeep and will drain ur gold.

Place towers away from the border, so enemies have to walk up all the way up to them before destroying it, if you have ur chief, you can take down enemy chief + 3 warriors with ur tower and chief

Try to colonise the tile connecting you and your teammate, if youre not ready to convert units because you dont have gold, ur population can handle most stuff, simply gather all ur pop at ur townhall, then move it all together to defend (dont send 1 at a time), if you are in trouble yourself, ask ur teammate to bring his population over if hes not ready with units.

You can leave military camps at 90% so that you dont have to pay upkeep for them, when u get attacked, simply finish building them and convert units

Tile dancing, you can have 1 unit on, for example, the right side of your tile being attacked, and another unit on the left side of that tile, simply enter with the one on the right, then take him off when enemy is close, then enter with left unit so you delay the decolonization process of the enemy, buying you time AND wasting enemy food (u could maybe even get ur enemy to starve if u buy enough time).

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