Nova Lands: Emilia’s Mission – Quick Start Guide

Basic information for those who want to plan ahead and get rolling for the 100%. Estimate: 1.5-2h completion.


This guide is meant to give prospective players a brief overview of what to expect when going in specifically for achievement hunting. It’ll break down the crafting recipes and give out suggestions to effectively go for that 100%.


There’s an oxygen mechanic in the game. Simply collect water balls (berry-looking items) to periodically refill the Oxygenator as you go. You may only have 1 Oxygenator. I suggest placing it in the middle of everything.

Insects will attack you if you harvest the yellow structure that looks like a honeycomb. Just run/dash away to reset the aggro.

Structural Recipes

Refining Recipes

As you can see, the improved furnaces are more efficient. I personally only used them for Steel because I didn’t realize it was better. If you have the foresight to make a lot of extra Modular Bricks, at least consider upgrading your main island furnaces to make Iron, Copper, and Steel bars faster.

Research Line

There are more options available, but you only need 11 to get the achievement.

They all cost a small amount of Iron, Copper, and Steel bars.


It’s a short game to 100%, but here’s a bit of advice to speed up the process:

  • Keep the Oxygenator central to the main island
  • Deploy multiple extra furnaces to churn out more coal and later on more bars. It’s ok to have a surplus of furnaces because you have can build along the edges of the other biomes for easy access.
  • Unlock bot automation as soon as possible. Reconfigure them frequently to fill resource gaps. As an example: If you want to quickly deploy more furnaces, switch your bot squad to focus gather rocks and go for volume.
  • Optional: When you unlock Improved Furnaces, you can dismantle and convert regular Furnaces to speed up Steel and overall production of everything else (which is used to make Steel). This is what will take the most time out of the 3 refining achievements so upgrading all the furnaces can get you under the 1.5h 100% mark if you upgrade them all.

The Reason We Came

Once you’re done refining 100 Bricks, Iron, Copper, and Steel bars for their respective achievements. Simply go to the green island and build a Data Analyzer which then lets you deploy 7 Extractor Towers to unlock the achievement.

Congrats on your 100%! I’m looking forward to playing the full, more complex game.

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