OBEY – Ultimate Obey Strategy (Nice Bunny Method)

Best obey strat. I got a 4 win streak doing this.

No Subversion Strategy

It boils down to literally just obeying whoever is in command and going after every opportunity to get cash you can reach. You’ll be surprised how fast you get ahead as the other bunnies waste time that could be spent making money trying to subvert!

Do as much as possible to get better autopay i.e. helping out nicer overlords stay in power and asking for that 1 more payment. Being the snitch can help you get a big boost at first because they often can ask for more pay since they are the robosaru’s personal assistant, but if you’re too far ahead already they may just use it to single you out and murder you over and over.

The best way to do it is to keep quiet and bring as much to the feed box as you can (and occasionally stealing other bunnies’ autopay, but don’t go overboard!) and to build as many blueprinted items as you can carry. If there’s nothing to do, sit there and collect your collar pay, or try to corpse the overlord if he’s rich. If he is, avoid depositing uranium, too. Otherwise, feel free to deposit as much uranium as you can to get them back to where the rest of the players are. It might pay off when a more wealthy robo comes online and you have nothing but rockets to deliver, especially since they usually decrease pay. Usually someone else will corpse them or subvert them eventually, but it doesn’t hurt to speed things along, unless of course you get caught. Make sure you’re ALWAYS wearing a collar unless you absolutely have to take it off to corpse or to avoid getting killed by an abusive “trollbosaru.” They exist, unfortunately.

Don’t do more than 3 blueprints at a time because you have to bring your tokens to the feed box or token deposit. Some bunnies will leave their tokens around either because they don’t care to take them to the feeds or have too many. Grab them!

It’s okay to shake things up a little and subvert yourself every now and then, but it’s best to wait until the middle of the match so you don’t have to buy anything and refrain from it near the end so you don’t get singled out. If the ship crashes, don’t subvert until someone buys another one. Keep the power plant running and don’t buy anything, not even uranium. That’s their job. Try keeping the bunnies occupied by having them find collars and things to deliver lying around the map, which there usually is a lot of scrap and uranium around if the ship crashed sometime before you subverted. If they crash the ship, which they will very soon, kill everyone and try to hold out as long as you can. You will get subverted, but if you can keep the plant running and kill most of the bunnies, you can hold out for long enough to get a decent paycheck. It’s kind of evil and you might make enemies doing this, so I suggest avoiding subversion at all. I found that I had a much higher gap between me and second place when I didn’t subvert a single time.

Make sure you keep the collar on when you or someone else gets subverted and run straight to the drop zone so you don’t get killed. In situations like that, it’s best to break the silent rule and ask the robo for mercy and let you be the good little bunny you aspire to be; they should be understanding if the server knows you’re the resident good bunny. If they don’t because you’re too rich or they’re too mean, then take it off and hide or run to the drop area and steal another collar to become anonymous again.

If you do it right, you’ll win so many matches that you’ll get bored. Won every match I played the day of creating this guide, which was four matches. If everyone does this, you might not win, but the match will last a lot longer and there will be time for some interesting gameplay to develop.

I’m a strong advocate for having a different gamemode where we have to get much more money to win, but the current formula is great for sneakily taking the match like this. If Dez is reading this, please don’t nerf this strat too much, I really like the gameplay and don’t want the game to be less fun over of a guide. I can’t wait for the full release and the subsequent influx of players!

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