Obversion – General Tips

General Tips


  • If the default field of view is too narrow, you can increase it to up to 90°.
  • Automove and autojump are excellent. Make extensive use of them.
  • Controls:
    • WASD to move
    • Q, E: undo, redo
    • F: auto-walk
    • C: toggle autojump
    • Shift: sprint


  • You can gain tons of info on each level from its level select screen.
  • If you collect a pickup and then undo, you lose the pickup. If you instead collect a pickup and then fall into nothing in the same movement, you’ll teleport back to where you were before, while keeping the pickup.
  • If you need to get high up somewhere, you can Create multiple blocks below yourself in succession.
  • All pickups, i.e. Creation, Destruction and yin-yangs, are 3D objects of relevant size. You can often pick them up by touching the tile next to them or falling through it.
  • Your jump has a fixed length which can be measured in tiles:
    • At even level, the jump can cross a gap of exactly 3 tiles.
    • If you want to jump up by one tile, the jump can cross a gap of 2 tiles.
    • If you want to jump down by one tile, the jump can cross a gap of 4 tiles.
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