Ocean’s Heart – All Objectives

Perform the following operations to obtain the corresponding target.

All Objectives

Title – Goals

  • Ilha Brickenbranch – Sail to Brickenbranch Island.
  • Temple of Trials – Ring the Cursed Temple’s bell.
  • Botanist – Collect every foraging material.
  • The Last Chieftan – Enter the Last Chieftan of Yarrowmouth’s tomb.
  • Hunter – Collect every monster part.
  • Pit of Scoundrels – Find Oakhaven’s secret arena.
  • Exiled Monk – Visit the Thorn Monk.
  • The Ancient Groves – Defeat arborgeists of the Ancient Groves.
  • Seabird’s Tear – Fully power the Seabird’s Tear.
  • The Crow Lord – Summon and defeat the Crow Lord.
  • Ocean’s Heart – Defeat Blackbeard.
  • Zephyrine’s Call – Light the 4 Ancient Lighthouses.
  • That Was a Dumb Item – Upgrade then downgrade the flail.
  • The Abyss – Enter the Abyss.
  • Heart of the Earth – Battle the Immortal Curse at the center of the world.
  • Forgotten Magic – Learn all 4 ancient spells.
  • Encumbered – Collect every item.
  • One Hand Tied Behind My Blackbeard – Defeat Blackbeard while cursed.
  • Fragile Flower – Travel from Marblecliff Monastery to the Cursed Temple without taking any damage or sailing.
  • Fleet Feet – Travel from Oakhaven to Goatshead Harbor in under XX:XX time without sailing.
  • Spruceless – Complete the game without visiting Spruce Head Shine.
  • Excessively Helpful – Complete every sidequest.
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